Thai Content Creator Pays Man S$381 For Chicken Rice Delivery From S’pore Chinatown

Content Creator Paid Thai Man For Chicken Rice Delivery From Singapore Back To Thailand

Previously, MS News reported on a Thai delivery rider in a GrabFood uniform allegedly in the midst of making a chicken rice delivery order from Singapore to Thailand.

Thai GrabFood Rider Flies To S’pore For Chicken Rice Order, Grab S’pore Says Video Is Fictional

In a recent development, it turned out that a Thai TikTok user had specifically paid the man 10,000 baht (S$381) to make the delivery.

The rider filmed the entire journey, including his plane and MRT ride.

He bought the chicken rice from Chinatown before returning via plane to Thailand on the same day.

With the delivery complete, the TikToker and the alleged delivery rider shared the chicken rice together.

Grab had previously clarified that they do not offer such delivery services and said that the deliveryman was not registered with them.

Regardless, the man did successfully complete his delivery.

Thai content creator pays man for chicken rice delivery from Singapore to Thailand

On 12 Oct, a TikTok user captured footage of an alleged Grab delivery rider boarding a plane to Singapore. The Grab rider claimed to be picking up an order of chicken rice from Singapore for a Thai customer.

Source: TikTok

In response to the video, a Grab spokesperson told MS News that the video was “fictional” and independently created by a member of the public.

They added that Grab did not have the particular delivery rider registered with them.

With that statement, the story seemed like a wrap, probably just a humourous man making a trip in Grab uniform.

However, Thai content creator @domteamwork uploaded a TikTok video on 3 Nov. It turned out that he was the mastermind behind the viral stunt.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

He started the video by asking a rider to pick up chicken rice from Singapore and return to Thailand with it.

Rider takes plane to Singapore, takes MRT too

Firstly, @domteamwork needed to find someone to take up the task. He allegedly ordered a delivery from Grab, and filled the delivery rider in on his plan.

The content creator offered the purported rider S$381 for the trip. The rider appears to accept the mission and takes the cash.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

The rider speeds off and soon finds himself at a local airport, Don Mueang International Airport, going by the previous TikTok video.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

It is on this plane where the previous TikTok user encountered the supposed delivery rider. Sure enough, he boards the flight from Thailand to Singapore.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

Once in the Lion City, the man boards the MRT on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

He even briefly befriends a woman on the train, who gives a friendly wave at the camera.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

Bought chicken rice from Chinatown Complex

The rider alights at Maxwell MRT Station and steps out into the iconic streets and shophouses of Chinatown.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

The alleged Thai Grab rider then arrives at a hawker centre in Chinatown Complex, according to 8world News. Using a translation app, he ordered five packets of Singapore’s signature dish, all packed into the familiar yellow plastic bag with lion symbols.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

The rider then returns to a departure hall in Changi Airport Terminal 4, food in tow, where he made his return flight. The screens showed the time as 8.14pm at night on the same day.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

Back in Thailand late at night, the content creator reunites with the man, who successfully completed his delivery.

The latter retrieved the ordered meal from within his bag, though it’s unclear if it remained hot given the lengthy travel time.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

The TikToker opens one of the styrofoam packets to reveal delicious-looking rice, steamed chicken, and sliced cucumbers.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

They also invite the alleged delivery rider to enjoy the chicken rice with them.

Source: @domteamwork on TikTok

Rider unsure if trip worth the price

So it turns out the trip did occur, but not officially as a Grab delivery.

The video claimed that the rider was just some random GrabFood employee who agreed to the intriguing task. However, Grab did state that they did not have the rider registered with them.

Other viewers also felt suspicious, pointing out that the rider had his passport in order and on his person.

Source: TikTok

As such, they suspected the rider of simply being someone working with the content creator who threw on the uniform for the video.

Planned or not, the video went viral, garnering 10.8 million views on TikTok at press time. It also gained the attention of numerous news sites.

According to Thai Headlines, the alleged rider said that the plane tickets cost 6,000 baht (S$228.75), not including other expenses.

Thus, he didn’t know if the trip was actually worth the pay he got.

That said, the content creator asked if the man would make the same trip for 20,000 baht (S$762), and the man said he would.

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Featured image adapted from @domteamwork on TikTok.

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