Thailand Cinema Offers Free-Flow Popcorn, One Customer Gets 57L Worth In Buffet Tray

Thailand Cinema Offers Free-Flow Popcorn On 28 Nov

Recently, a cinema in Vietnam made headlines after they offered free unlimited popcorn to customers.

Vietnam Cinema Offers Free Unlimited Popcorn, Customers Turn Up With Pots & Basins

Moviegoers turned up with all sorts of containers from cooking pots to basins to get the most out of the promotion.

Now, it seems that the promotion has inspired a cinema in Thailand to follow suit.

Likewise, customers maximised the offer and turned up with large containers, with one man even bringing a buffet tray.

Thailand cinema offers free-flow popcorn

The special offer was by SF Group at the CentralWorld shopping centre in Bangkok.

Source: SF Cinema on Facebook

According to their Facebook post, customers who bought a ticket for any movie were entitled to free popcorn.

For 199THB, (S$7.70), they could bring a container of any size and fill it up with as much popcorn as they can.

The generous promotion even included a refillable serving of Coca-Cola.

Customers turn up with huge containers

Moviegoers definitely rose to the challenge, showing up to the theatre with their biggest containers and storage boxes in tow.

For instance, this man turned up with a huge buffet tray to claim his free popcorn.

Source: SF Cinema on Facebook

While it seems absurd, he certainly got his money’s worth as he managed to bring home 57 litres of popcorn, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Some customers even brought cooler boxes — probably handy if they’re heading to a picnic.

Source: Thailand Anywhere on Facebook

While these customers brought rubbish bins with wheels, the amount of popcorn in the accompanying trash bags couldn’t seem to fit.

Source: Thailand Anywhere on Facebook

Meanwhile, a man brought a much larger container with what looked like a year’s worth of popcorn that he struggled to fit inside.

Source: Thailand Anywhere on Facebook

Of course, such huge quantities of the snack should be shared with loved ones.

Source: SF Cinema on Facebook

Thankfully, this group of friends had that in mind and collected their loot together.

Cinema ends promotion early

Unsurprisingly, there were long queues at the cinema as moviegoers waited to claim their popcorn.

Source: Thailand Anywhere on Facebook

Sadly, the management decided to close the queue from 5pm yesterday (28 Nov). According to their Facebook post, there were service delays as customers brought containers of different shapes and sizes.

Although the cinema initially expected to finish serving customers the popcorn by 10pm, the staff were unable to do so.

Therefore, they extended their opening hours from 10pm to 12am for those with queue numbers.

Customers who were unable to get their popcorn by the new closing time could leave their containers at the outlet.

Source: SF Cinema on Facebook

The cinema offered to fill them with popcorn and deliver them to customers’ homes the next day at no extra cost.

Free popcorn promotion an overwhelming success

Judging from the overwhelming turnout, the promotion was definitely a success.

We’re sure lucky moviegoers are enjoying their popcorn in the comfort of their homes now.

Most importantly, we hope the promo generated much interest in the cinema in the long run.

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Featured image adapted from SF Cinema on Facebook and Facebook

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