Vietnam Cinema Offers Free Unlimited Popcorn, Customers Turn Up With Pots & Basins

Vietnam Cinema Offers To Fill Up Customer’s Containers With Free Unlimited Popcorn

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have cut back on going to the movies, due to the risk of catching Covid-19 after prolonged exposure in a confined space.

In a bid to bring the crowds back to the theatres, a cinema chain in Vietnam recently held a popcorn promotion.

Moviegoers can munch on unlimited free popcorn or as much as they can fit into a “hygienic container”.

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Since there were no strict conditions to the promotion, customers turned up with everything from a cooking pot to a rice cooker just so they could maximise on the complimentary popcorn.

Vietnam cinema will fill first 500 customers’ containers with free popcorn

The successful popcorn promotion by Lotte Cinema in Vietnam started on 25 Oct.

Lotte Cinema listed the promotion details in a Facebook post. According to their marketing material, moviegoers who purchased a movie ticket to any of their 34 theatres in Vietnam will be entitled to unlimited popcorn.

Source: Lotte Cinema on Facebook

Customers can bring any container as long as it’s hygienic and for their own consumption.

Source: Discover ASEAN on Facebook

That means no plastic or paper bags, as well as cartons, to avoid excessive food waste.

While it sounds too good to be true, the promotion only applies to the first 500 moviegoers of the day.

Customers turn up to Vietnam cinema with pots & basins

This minor limitation didn’t stop customers from turning up with all sorts of containers, including pots and basins.

Take this guy, for example, who turned up with a giant cooking pot in hand.

Source: Discover ASEAN on Facebook

Another guest brought a rice cooker to hold the free popcorn — a tad impractical but makes for a hilarious picture nonetheless.

Source: Lotte Cinema on Facebook

This customer used a child’s bag — a compact and convenient option if you’re getting on a bus after the movie.

Source: Lotte Cinema on Facebook

Considering the numerous pictures of chuffed customers on social media, it’s safe to say that the promotion was a massive hit.

Popcorn promotion seems like a huge success

With how convenient it has become to catch a movie in the comforts of our homes, it’s only understandable that cinemas are now finding it harder to draw in the crowds.

While the promotion was rather well received, only time will tell if customers will flock to the theatres even without the lure of free popcorn.

What would you turn up with if a similar promotion were to happen in Singapore? Let us know in the comments.

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