Thai Citizens Told To Postpone Trips To S’pore & Japan Due To High Number Of Covid-19 Cases

Thai Citizens Advised To Postpone Singapore Trips As A Precaution To Outbreak Of Covid-19

As of Monday (17 Feb), Singapore recorded a total of 77 Covid-19 cases. This puts us at the top of the list for the highest number of infected patients out of mainland China.


In light of this, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is urging all Thai nationals to defer trips to Singapore and Japan — another country hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak.

This is a preemptive measure their government is taking to guard against the global spread of the virus.

Thai citizens to postpone trips to countries with local transmission

According to The Straits Times, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is encouraging citizens to postpone their Singapore and Japan trips.

Thailand detected its 35th case on yesterday (17 Feb), highlighting the growing presence of Covid-19 in the country.


Hence, they deem it necessary to advise citizens against travel to countries that are experiencing a more serious outbreak.

Covid-19 is transmitting on a local level in Singapore and Japan, which is what primarily motivated their decision to include both countries on the list of countries to avoid.

Singapore and Japan records the highest number of cases outside mainland China

Travel advisories against Singapore are not exclusive to Thailand

As of the time of this article, more than 10 countries have already restricted travel to Singapore.

This includes countries like South Korea and Taiwan that account for our large tourist volumes.

Such travel advisories will hence inevitably impact tourism in our country.

While their actions might appear to be an overreaction, such advisories might be helpful to at least minimise cross-border infections.

Singaporeans can take comfort in our robust Covid-19 management system

That said, Singapore is doing an excellent job of managing this outbreak across all levels, which might ease your worries.


The government is introducing policies and protocols to protect citizens while the healthcare sector is working tirelessly to ensure our efficiency in detection and quarantine.

Citizens are also leading initiatives among their communities, lending a helping hand to those in need.

Singaporeans leaving free masks and hand sanitiser for neighbours in HDB lift

As long as we stay united against the virus, Singapore will come out of this ordeal much stronger.

Featured image adapted from Phnom Penh Post.

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