The Ramen Noodlist Reviews 300+ Instant Noodles & Teaches You How To Zhng Them

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The Ramen Noodlist – 310 Instant Noodle Reviews & Counting

What are the best instant noodles from around the world? The Ramen Noodlist, a local ramen-reviewing collective, has all the answers.


The Instagram account hosts detailed reviews of hundreds of brands of instant cup noodles, all garnished to perfection.

We love how symmetrical the feed looks too!


What’s the deal behind these noodle connoisseurs? Here’s what we know.

Childhood friends & noodle lovers

An interview with YP SG revealed that the group consists of Simon, Didi, Sue, and JK, who’ve been friends since their school days. Since a few years back, they’ve regularly met up to watch movies and try 10 to 12 different instant cup noodles at each setting.

Despite hailing from different professions – a housewife, consultant, HR Manager & Processes Manager – their collective love for instant noodles bound them together on this journey.

They eventually started their own website The Ramen Noodlist which has detailed reviews and star ratings on various instant noodles.

One of their 5-star-ratings was awarded to the Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry. The delicious concoction has a distinctive belacan (shrimp paste) flavour, while the noodles have a comforting taste and texture.

If their review isn’t enough to convince you, then here’s a picture to whet your tastebuds.


Think that instant noodles aren’t #foodporn material? Think again! Here’s their take on Malaysia’s MyKuali Penang White Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup.


While their reviews are very descriptive, some of us may be wondering if the brands are Halal, or what their calorie counts are.

The website has customised profiles for every instant noodle brand including basic information you’ll need to know.


Instant noodles from around the world

Which is the best instant noodle brand outside of Singapore?

Since the group’s professions make it easy for them to travel, they love introducing foreign noodle concoctions to locals.

For example, the Nongshim Tempura Udon Flavor from China is highly-recommended by the group. The broth tastes like the light tempura dip you crave at Japanese restaurants, combined with Japanese kamaboko fishcakes with cute panda prints.


For locals headed to Taiwan, they recommend Uni-President Man Han Da Can Super Hot Pot Beef Flavor Instant Noodles which has a thick broth and sinewy chunks of beef.


I bet you’re curious how European instant cup noodles fare, and fortunately The Ramen Noodlist is too! They have all the details behind Maggi’s creamy Broccoli Fettuccine that’s exclusive to Germany.


New noodles per week

Noodles are life!

While we don’t have The Ramen Noodlist’s epic garnishing skills, we can all agree that instant noodles are delicious, soothing and comforting concoctions. They’re not always perfect, but they’re the easiest treats to make.

If you’re travelling during the year-end holidays, you better stay tuned to their recommendations.

From what we’ve seen, you can expect one to three reviews per week. You can check out these reviews on Instagram, but if you want to get more in-depth information, head over to their website.

You might even learn tips on how to zhng your instant noodles for the ‘gram or you know, for your tummy’s sake.

Featured image from Instagram.

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