Barn Owl In Toa Payoh Poses For Photos Till Sunset, Offers Beautiful Relief From Gloomy News

Uncommon Barn Owl Sighted In Toa Payoh, Attracts Horde Of Onlookers

It seems that Singapore is home to all sorts of exotic birds nowadays. While a pair of hornbills were spotted having an atas date in Pasir Ris a few days ago, it seems like the barn owl has also come out to play.

Residents staying along Lorong 4 Toa Payoh were treated to the sight of a barn owl making a spectacle of itself on Sunday (15 Mar).

A Facebook user snapped this beautiful picture of the owl

Perched comfortably on a palm tree, the uncommon bird rallied itself a gaggle of birdwatchers with its adorable heart-shaped face.

Another Facebook user got to capture the owl in all its splendour

The owl posed for pictures all the way till the sun set.

Toa Payoh barn owl delighted spectators by vomiting pellets

Birdwatchers flocked to a HDB estate along Lorong 4 Toa Payoh upon receiving word of the owl’s location.

While taking multiple pictures of the uncommon bird, birdwatchers were surprised when the owl vomited some form of black pellet.


A Facebook user, who managed to catch this phenomenon on video, claimed that this behaviour is not out of the ordinary.

Posting in the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page, she explains that the owl is just regurgitating indigestible parts of their diet, such as fur and bones of their prey. These ‘pellets’ take approximately 6 hours to form, and pellet dissection can show exactly what an owl has eaten.


Take time to enjoy the beautiful nature around us

While no one has reported being accepted to Hogwarts yet, it’s still nice to see animals going about their day. Especially in this concrete jungle, knowing that we can coexist with nature is a good sign for the future.

Although it could also be that these beautiful creatures are around all the time. We just needed to be slapped with stay-home notices to notice.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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