Toilet Paper & Baked Beans Cake Look So Real, We Tried To Hoard Them

Now that Covid-19 is a global pandemic, people all around the world can relate to the panic buying Singaporeans first started when DORSCON Orange was announced.

The panic buying caused necessities like toilet paper and canned food to sell out quickly.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so one Instagrammer made use of his mad baking skills to create his own daily essentials at home. However, we don’t think his creations can solve the shortage much — as they’re made out of cake!

He posted a video of his masterpieces on Facebook:


Baker made hyper-realistic cakes that look like toilet paper and a can of baked beans

At first glance what the illusion baker — who calls himself The BakeKing — created looks like just any roll of toilet paper.


Take a knife and cut it open, however, and you’d realise that it’s not something you can wipe your bum with.


It’s incredible how well he’s captured the details and nuances of the toilet paper, down to the intricate patterns on the surface. It looks incredibly realistic even in close-up photos.

Turning a staple food into a dessert

The BakeKing didn’t stop just there. His next creation was a can of baked beans.

As baked beans considered a staple food for the British, it’s definitely a necessity they’d want to stock up on during the event of a lockdown.


The “can” looked so perfectly cylindrical and well-shaped that we were nearly fooled. You basically can’t even tell it’s a cake until you cut it open!


Former tattoo artist bakes illusion cakes

The man behind these ingenious confections didn’t start out as a baker, though.

The BakeKing — or rather, Ben Cullen — actually used to be a tattoo artist.


He first heard of cake decorating from a customer’s mother, and decided to give it a go.

Mr Cullen discovered he had a passion for it, and continued baking cakes on the side even when he became a graphic designer.

He made the transition to becoming a fully fledged cake artist in 2016, reports BritishBaker.

Since then, he’s been on the television show Extreme Cake Makers, been featured on the Daily Mail and amassed a following of over 182,000 followers on Instagram.

He shares his hyper-realistic creations on the platform, and often challenges himself by making new illusion cakes.

Cake that looks like raw chicken

One of his most recent creations was a raw chicken cake.

Seriously, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if we stared at it for an hour. We actually thought it was real chicken.


Turns out that it wasn’t real chicken. That is clearly cake.


Lifting peoples’ spirits with fun cakes

When everyone’s panicking about Covid-19 worldwide, Mr Cullen’s cakes are definitely a ray of sunshine amid the dark gloomy clouds of panic buying and hoarding.

In his Facebook post, he even joked that people should take the pandemic as seriously as they take toilet paper.


Hopefully, his whimsical cakes have inspired you to look on the brigher side of the Covid-19 pandemic!

The situation may be looking bleak now, but we have to remain vigilant if we want to stop it.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.