Tony Leung Patiently Waited For Helper In Chemotherapy Daily; She Is Now Cancer-Free

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Tony Leung Treats Helper Of 30 Years Just Like Family

For many Singaporeans, domestic helpers are indisputably a big part of their lives.

But for Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai and his next-of-kin, their helper was something more than that — she is family.

So much so that when Delia – their helper of 30 years – was diagnosed with cancer, the whole family chipped to care for her throughout her recovery process.

When Delia finally recovered, Mr Leung’s daughter, Nikkie Leung, elatedly took to Instagram to share the good news.


Family support throughout the treatment process

Back in November 2018, Delia was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer.

The news came as a shock to the family but they stayed strong and rallied together to support Delia throughout the whole treatment process.

This included a keto diet, undergoing chemotherapy once a week and radiation 5 days a week, as well as internal radiation 4 times under full anesthesia.

Delia remained strong and cheerful throughout, staying with the family through Christmas, New Year and even her birthday.


In addition, Mr Leung and his wife even personally drove Delia to the hospital every day for check-ups and waited around for her to finish chemotherapy before fetching her home.


Eventually, according to Nikkie’s Instagram post, Delia was finally cleared of cancer yesterday (18 Feb), 3 months later.

A 30-year bond

The bond between Delia and the Leung family definitely goes beyond just employer-employee relations.

In fact, Delia is extremely close to Nikkie and her twin sister, Chloe, having taken care of them ever since they were babies.


Like an addition to the family

While domestic helpers are sometimes lucky enough to meet caring employers, few may be as blessed as Delia.

In this heartwarming tale of how a family and a helper formed a strong bond over 30 years and even through sickness, we are sure happy Delia has fully recovered and would be with the family for a long while more.

So treat your domestic helper well, and you might just gain another family member.

Featured image from Instagram.

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