Fatal Traffic Accident In Malacca Kills Parents On The Spot

On Monday (18 Nov), what was originally a trip home turned into a tragedy for a family of 4 from Malacca.


While driving home, a large truck carrying chicken cages reportedly crashed into the sedan.


The parents were killed on the spot, leaving behind 2 daughters, aged 7 and 1.

In a tragic turn of events, their elder daughter then passed away 1 day before the parents’ cremation, essentially reducing the family of 4 to just 1.

Parents killed on the spot in a fatal traffic accident

The family were reportedly on their way home at around 12am after paying their respects at a funeral home.

A huge truck allegedly carrying chicken cages crashed into the sedan that the family were in, killing the parents on the spot.


Given the deformed shape of the car, one can only imagine the magnitude of the impact.


Following the accident, both daughters were rushed to the hospital.

The elder of the 2, aged 7, was admitted to the ICU while her 1-year-old sister suffered a broken foot.

Elder daughter passed away 1 day before parents’ cremation

A wake was held for the 2 deceased parents shortly after the fatal accident.


But in a tragic turn of events, their 7-year-old daughter passed away on Thursday (21 Nov) night, after entering a coma for 4 days.


This means that the 1-year-old girl is now the only member of the family who survived the crash.

According to Oriental Daily, the family will see to the deceased parents’ cremation on Friday (22 Nov) before ‘accompanying’ the elder daughter for a night.

The 7-year-old girl is likely to be cremated on Saturday (23 Nov). Her memorial tablet will also be placed together with her parents’.

Hope the youngest daughter will make a full recovery soon

Like many of you, we are heartbroken by this distressing accident.

MS News would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased.

We hope the youngest daughter will make a full recovery soon and will grow up healthily with the love and care of her remaining family members.

Featured image adapted from China Press and China Press