Traffic Marshal Dances While Directing Traffic At Bugis, Flaps His Arms Like A ‘Fairy’

Traffic Marshal Dances While Directing Traffic At Bugis, Amuses The Internet

How often do you see traffic marshals appearing to have a little fun on the job?

One traffic marshal in Singapore seemed to be doing this when he was filmed doing a little graceful dance while directing traffic at Bugis.


He’s got the moves #sg #tiktoksg #trafficpolice

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The rare and delightful sight quickly won the hearts of netizens and added a touch of unexpected joy to drivers’ daily commutes.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time the traffic marshal has enchanted onlookers with his special moves on the road.

Traffic marshal flaps arms like a ‘fairy’ while directing vehicles

The TikTok video by user @amandastarfire showed the traffic marshal integrating dance moves seamlessly into his traffic-directing duties.

With graceful poise, he flapped his arms like a “fairy” — as @amandastarfire described — and moved rhythmically to his own beat.

Cars whizzed by as he put up his little performance.

Traffic Marshal Dances

Source: @amandastarfire on TikTok

Balancing his job and busting out these moves did not appear to be a challenge for him as he kept his eye out on the vehicles around him at all times.

In her caption, @amandastarfire quipped that “he’s got the moves”.

It appears that the marshal has more dances in his repertoire as she highlighted that he also performed a “robot dance” when she saw him in action.

Source: @amandastarfire on TikTok

Speaking to MS News, @amandastarfire said that the video was taken on 2 Feb.

According to her, the traffic marshal drew “quite a few amused glances from commuters” with his robot dance, which she unfortunately did not manage to capture on camera.

“We rarely see traffic marshalls vibing to the sound of passing cars but he was having lots of fun with his job!” she said.

Traffic marshal’s dance moves impresses TikTokers

The traffic marshal’s little dance greatly impressed netizens, with many praising him for his unique moves and elegance.

One user was so enamoured that they dubbed him the traffic controller of the year.

Source: TikTok

Another shared that to their delight, they also witnessed the same marshal dancing at Bussorah Street.

In addition, many users highlighted how this shows that the traffic marshal is enjoying his job.

Source: TikTok

Some also suggested giving him a raise.

Source: TikTok

Same traffic marshal who moonwalked like Michael Jackson

The traffic marshal’s mini showcases are not an entirely new phenomenon as he has been spotted dancing on the job on other occasions as well.

In June 2023, he was spotted performing Michael Jackson’s signature moonwalk near Waterway Point in Punggol.

@picflixr Cop really enjoys his job #sgtiktok ♬ original sound – picflixr

Moreover, in October of the same year, he added a humorous spin to his job when he gave out penalty cards to vehicles in Kaki Bukit. Sadly, the video is no longer available.

He has since been identified as Devon Woon, a former Institute of Technical Education (ITE) teacher.

In a repost of his latest dancing video, which was also shared on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, Mr Woon shared that his goal is “accomplishing [zero accidents] and entertaining road users simultaneously”.

And he does seem to be doing a splendid job so far.

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