Tan Tock Seng Hospital Gears Up For Covid-19 Patients, Helps NCID Meet Demands

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Prepares Beds For Covid-19 Patients As Numbers Rise

On Tuesday (14 Apr), Singapore recorded an additional 334 Covid-19 cases, the second-largest surge of patients in a day.

With the increasing numbers, our healthcare facilities are gearing up to meet potential hospital bed demands.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) has already converted many of the general wards to make them “Covid-ready”.


This keeps us one step ahead of the game, ready to combat the growing pandemic.

TTSH is equipped to take in Covid-19 patients

Over the Good Friday weekend, frontliners from different sectors worked to equip the hospitals with adequate facilities and manpower, stated a Facebook post by TTSH.


While we enjoy the comfort of their homes, healthcare staff worked hard to shift beds and specialised equipment into general wards and ICUs.


This will allow the main hospital to relieve some load from the National Centre Of Infectious Disease (NCID).

Staff went through training

Apart from making infrastructure adaptations, more manpower is also deployed to help the hospital.


Staff were reallocated and given “orientation drills”, ensuring that we can maintain a strong response to the pandemic.


As we can see, no stones were left unturned by these courageous individuals during the preparation, showing how ready they are to fight the next battle phase.

Do your part for frontline workers

As our hospitals continue to adapt and deal with the pandemic, we need to start playing our part as well.

In the words of TTSH,

While we stand ready here to care for those who need it, we are the last line of defence – you are the first.

We have great responsibility as citizens to abide by important Covid-19 guidelines set in place.

During this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, do try to stay home as much as possible and wear a mask when you are out.

With diligent effort, the situation will hopefully take a better turn in weeks to come.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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