Uncles Fight At Bedok Gym, Staff Step In To Break Up Altercation

Uncles Fight At ActiveSG Gym In Bedok On 1 Apr

Many Singaporeans hit the gym often to keep fit and healthy.

As a result, gyms can oftentimes become crowded and with limited equipment to go around, squabbles can easily break out.

That was what happened on Friday (1 Apr) at an ActiveSG gym in Bedok when 2 uncles got into a heated altercation.


Tons of screaming ensued between the pair but thankfully others in the gym broke them apart before things got uglier.

Glove-wearing uncle calls other uncle a “motherf*cker”

In a short clip uploaded on TikTok, two uncles, one in grey and another wearing gloves, were filmed at each other’s throats on Friday (1 Apr).

The video starts off with the glove-wearing uncle squaring up and shouting incoherently to the uncle in grey.

uncles fight bedok gym
Image courtesy of  MS News reader

In between shouting “motherf*cker”, he screams the words “for 5 years”. Afterwards, the glove-wearing uncle dared the uncle in grey to “beat him”, all while pointing at his left cheek.

Seeing things heating up, an ActiveSG staff pulled the glove-wearing uncle away from the situation while shouting his name.

uncles fight bedok gymImage courtesy of  MS News reader

After some more back and forth, with different staff and gym-goers coming between the two, a man in black was the person who successfully pulled them apart.

uncles fight bedok gymImage courtesy of  MS News reader

A voice in the background can also be heard telling the glove-wearing uncle to take a deep breath.

Uncle in grey allegedly has history of harassing Bedok gym-goers

Speaking to MS News, the OP shares that according to accounts from other gym-goers, the uncle in grey has been harassing others for quite some time now.

Allegedly, the glove-wearing uncle is one of his many victims. Seeing this outburst, we can assume that the glove-wearing has had enough of the harassment and picked a fight with the man in grey.

After he cooled down, the glove-wearing uncle was spotted taking a seat in the gym and ranting to another elderly gym-goer.

uncles fight bedok gymImage courtesy of  MS News reader

While there were tons of jostling around, no punches were thrown in the end.

Hope both uncles find a way to not disrupt each other’s routines

Fights often stem from disagreements and a lack of communication.

Even though we expect the older generation to maintain a cooler head in these situations, they too can also get overwhelmed by their emotions. After all, they’re humans all the same.

Hopefully, with this incident, both parties can find a way as to not disrupt each other’s routines while in the gym.

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Featured image courtesy of a MS News reader. 

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