Man In HDB Unit Asks Neighbour Along Corridor To Fight Outside, Exchange Goes Viral

Neighbours Argue Along HDB Corridor In Viral Video

Neighbourly relations have come under the microscope of late. While they are usually harmonious, some have turned very sour.

Recently, a video of an argument between two shirtless neighbours went viral on social media.

neighbours arguing along hdb corridor goes viralSource

The expletive-ridden altercation apparently revolved around a case of one man placing an item in his neighbour’s home.

In one particularly amusing part, one of the men asked his neighbour to “come out” of his house to fight.

The thing is, the latter was already standing along the corridor outside his unit, raring to go.

Neighbours argue along corridor in Hokkien for three minutes

On Thursday (31 Mar) night, a three-minute clip of two shirtless men arguing along an HDB corridor went viral on social media.

One man has black hair and appears younger than the other, who has white hair and is more heavily tattooed.

neighbours arguing along hdb corridor goes viralSource

The argument, which was mainly in Hokkien and filled with profanities, was about an alleged case of one of the neighbours placing an item in the other’s house.

Although we cannot confirm the exact cause of the argument, that’s what the shouting match was about at first before developing into a show of bravado.

After the younger man was met with a series of unsatisfactory responses, he challenged his neighbour to a fight.

Man asks neighbour to “come out” as he’s standing along corridor

At this point, the older man asked his younger neighbour to “come out” of his house to fight — but the latter was already standing outside his unit.

Seemingly confused by the demand, the younger man paused for a while before asking, “How do I come out? I’m already outside.”

neighbours arguing along hdb corridor goes viralSource

The mother of the younger man eventually appeared in the background, standing sheepishly at their doorway.

The older man grabbed the opportunity to change the subject and asked the elder lady to take care of her son as “his brain is spoilt”.

The younger man defended his mother and told his neighbour to not talk about her.

Man pushes arm through neighbour’s gate

After more back-and-forth, the younger man told his neighbour that if he wants to know which gang he comes from, he can “try” him.

He did this while swaying his hips dramatically, as if warming up for a fight.


Unable to take it any longer, the older man scoffed, “Who let a crazy dog out barking every night?”

His words angered the man along the corridor so much that he stuck his arm through the gate and shouted, “Don’t you insult my mother this way!”

man sticks his arm though the gateSource

The hostile conversation continues for a while more before the video suddenly cuts off.

Hope neighbours settle argument amicably

As amusing as this whole argument was, the intense emotions displayed were definitely very real.

Hopefully, after the dust is settled, they can get around to identifying the root of the argument without resorting to a physical fight.

After all, they will continue to be neighbours, whether they like it or not.

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