UNIQLO Park In Japan Is A 3-Storey Outdoor Playground, With Slides & Rock Climbing Areas

Japan Has A UNIQLO Park Featuring 3-Storey Store, Outdoor Slide & Pyramid Climbing Frames

Singaporeans are familiar with Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO, the go-to store for comfy winter clothes and stylish graphic tees.

The retailer recently announced the opening of a 3-storey UNIQLO Park in Yokohama, Japan, featuring a magnificent playground ideal for kids and adults alike.


Not only are there jumbo slides lying on top of the building, it also has rock climbing walls and nets.

Seeing these exciting integrations, we are expecting this interesting concept store to become the next big tourist attraction once the pandemic dies down.


White slides span over building roof

What sets the UNIQLO Park apart from other Japanese outlets is the cutting-edge design unique to the building.

From the side, it might look like any mega UNIQLO store, selling the typical items we can find in our Orchard Road flagship store.


But viewing the building from a bird’s eye view is a whole different story.

On the roof, architects have installed white slides covering almost half of the surface area, transporting visitors from level 3 to 1.


If you look closer, you will observe different variations of climbing walls in between the steep slides.


In such a wide playing space, kids are never going to get bored with this quirky playground.


Designers also introduced more commonplace playground facilities like pyramid nets in this kids’ paradise that look like the ones we used to climb in West Coast Park.


For toddlers who have yet to grow into the mega slides yet, there is also a small play area for them to explore.


Flagship store selling UNIQLO items we love

With 3 storeys’ worth of apparel, one can only imagine the great selection of products this UNIQLO outlet offers.


Aside from the usual Heat-Tech series and minimalistic clothing we are familiar with, you can also find DIY tees here at UNIQLO Park.

Simply draw your design on an iPad and watch it come to life on your customised UT t-shirt.


Apparently, customers can also find fresh flowers within the building, which immediately makes it a romantic spot for couples looking for an ideal date out.


It gets even better when you realise the 2nd floor is a literal shoe haven, featuring GU SHOES LAB by UNIQLO. Shoppers can also expect to find bags and accessories on this level.


Stunning view from UNIQLO Park

Well, no iconic tourist attraction is completed with a perfect view. In the case of UNIQLO Park, you can get a stunning view of Yokohama seas, as it is located right beside Negishi Bay.


It is no surprise that customers were already ready to flock to this mega-sized UNIQLO Park on 10 Apr.

However, with the severity of Covid-19, it is hard to tell when we can see this building come to life again.

Visit UNIQLO Park after the pandemic

Yet, one thing is for sure. UNIQLO Park is definitely going on the itinerary of Singaporeans who are travelling to Japan once Covid-19 dies down.

You can find the location of this store and playground here:

Address: 6-5 Shiraho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-0007, Japan
Contact: +81 45-350-5057
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily

Hopefully, we can see this impressive flagship store in real life soon.

Featured image adapted from La Vie and La Vie.

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