Migrant Workers Get Zhng-ed Up NDP Packs With Powerbanks & Rice Cookers, Thanks To S’poreans

Migrant Workers Get ‘Upgraded’ NDP Packs With Electronic Devices & Home Appliances

Migrant workers have been one of the communities to be most hard-hit by the pandemic.

With accommodation in close quarters in dormitories, Singapore was reporting 3-digit figures of infected workers daily.

The lockdown in dormitories and quarantine at designated facilities may have taken a toll on their mental health and morale. This has led to a series of unfortunate breakdowns.


Singaporeans have seen and heard the plights of the unsung heroes who slog hard at building our nation.

To give back and demonstrate our appreciation, 2,400 zhng-ed up National Day Parade (NDP) packs have been packed with practical items such as powerbanks and kettles that come handy in everyday life.

NDP packs for migrant workers under #SGgratitudepack campaign

Introducing the #SGgratitudepack campaign, organised by A Good Space (AGS) — a company that unites social enterprises and citizens to alleviate social issues in Singapore.

The initiative was launched on National Day to give affected migrant workers practical electronic devices, home appliances and toiletries they might need.


To ascertain the exact items that would meet their needs during this Covid-19 crisis, AGS got in touch with a group of migrant workers directly.

They then compiled a list of items that would be most useful and handy to migrant workers.



They then sourced for this list from Singaporeans who would like to donate masks, power banks, kettles and rice cookers, among other things, for this pack.

It lasted till 31 Aug where more than 1,200 packs have been donated.

Even so, a global biopharmaceutical organisation AstraZeneca (AZ) stepped up to donate another 1,200 packs crowdsourced from its employees and cancer survivors under their Cancer Can Give movement.

Gratitude from both workers & donors

The repackaged NDP packs were donated to 6 migrant workers organisations early in September.


They are:

  • Migrant Workers’ Centre
  • Itsrainingraincoats
  • Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach
  • Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)
  • Sama Sama.

Swedish Ambassador to Singapore Mr Niclas Kvarnström, and AstraZeneca Vice President Mr How Ti Hwei, were present to give out the packs to the workers at Redhill Close.


Also present was Ms Anthea Ong – former nominated Member of Parliament – said donors were overwhelmed by joy witnessing the solidarity of citizens, corporations and communities.


Ms Ong added that this campaign demonstrated a “shared belief that we can and must do better as a society for our migrant workers”.

She said this is also a collective recognition and gratitude that while their quarantine may be in the interest of the public, it has badly affected the mental health and wellbeing of these workers.

Together we can always do more good

When communities and passionate individuals join efforts to address social issues that may slip under the radar, silent issues can be brought to light through such campaigns.

There is always more to do for the communities greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic, so we should keep striving forward in blessing others.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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