Woman Helps Boy Urinate Into Bottle Inside S’pore Food Court, Some Say This Is Acceptable

Woman Assists Boy With Urinating Inside Bottle, Action Divides Netizens

Parenting can be a rewarding yet difficult experience. We have to devote a significant amount of time and effort to care for our children, which may inconvenience others at times.

Recently, a netizen posted a picture of a woman helping a young boy urinate into a bottle in the middle of a food court on Complaint Singapore. It was not clear which food court it was.

Source: Facebook

Reactions to the scene were relatively mixed. While some slammed the woman’s actions as unhygienic, others were more empathetic.

Woman helps son urinate in food court

On 16 Apr, a Facebook user posted to Complaint Singapore about a strange scene she spotted in a food court in Singapore.

The post depicts a woman helping a boy, presumably her son, urinate into a bottle in full view of other customers.

Source: Facebook

The food court is also relatively occupied with other customers milling about.

The caption of the post conveyed the displeasure of the OP at the behaviour. She stated, “Why like that? Toilet is just outside 1 minute away.”

Divisive responses to boy urinating in food court

The picture has sparked divided reactions amongst netizens. Some complained that the woman’s actions were unsanitary, while others empathised with her plight.

Those who have slammed her actions stated that it was unhygienic to engage in such behaviour in the middle of a food court.

As one user pointed out, urinating in an area where other customers were having their meal is distasteful. She added that the parents should’ve asked the boy to relieve himself before entering the food court.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen thought the action was unacceptable in a social setting. He pointed out that enabling such behaviour would lead to the wrong lessons being imparted to a child.

Source: Facebook

However, others have called for more understanding with regard to the woman and the boy.

Food court staff will clear tables in a food court away if they are left unoccupied for long stretches of time. Some netizens speculated this might have explained why the woman could not bring the boy to the nearby restroom.

Source: Facebook

One said children are not as well-trained as adults when it comes to controlling their bodily functions. In an effort to prevent an even more unbecoming incident from occurring, the woman merely chose a quicker solution — even if it was a tad unhygienic.

Source: Facebook

Another went as far as to point out that the woman and boy’s actions were probably more hygienic than coughing out in public.

Source: Facebook

Balancing empathy & hygiene

At first glance, the scene can be a little too shocking for some to stomach. After all, it isn’t too often that we see our fellow Singaporeans attending to nature’s call in public.

However, there may be extenuating circumstances during such occasions that might explain why such actions took place.

Parenting can be a difficult task, and the woman in the picture may have been trying to prevent a more serious accident from marring the food court.

What are your thoughts on the woman’s actions? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore.

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