Thai Villa’s Water Slide Lets You Zip Down From Bed For Breakfast With A Splash

Pool Villa Dragon Hua Hin Has Two-Storey Water Slide & Mini Waterfall

Plans for short Thailand getaways quickly dissolved due to the Covid-19 outbreak-induced travel bans, but this too shall pass.

When that time comes, we’ve found a stunning resort in Hua Hin, Thailand to celebrate with friends and family. If you love bed, breakfast & water slides, that is.

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Pool Villa Dragon Hua Hin is a resort villa with a 2-storey high water slide and a pool with a mini-waterfall.

The house includes luxe monochrome interiors, 4 comfy bedrooms paired with private bathrooms that make it the perfect place to recover from 2020.

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Massive 2-storey waterslide from bedroom to pool

The standout feature of the resort is, without doubt, the 2-storey high water slide that starts from the second-floor balcony and ends in the pool. Imagine sliding down to eat your breakfast — a holiday dream-come-true.

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‘Animals’ in the form of a pink flamingo and whale floats let you soak in the sun while chilling out to lo-fi beats.

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Mini modern waterfall feature from sunroof

The villa also has a mini waterfall feature adjacent to a modern sunroof — boasting a hypnotic stream of clear water flowing down into the pool.

This might be common in water theme parks, but this villa lets you have it in your place of residence.

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Night owls can rejuvenate themselves while gazing at unbridled starry night skies of idyllic beachside paradise, aka Hua Hin.


Geometrically linked duplex living area & kitchen

The living room’s layout, equipped with decorative wood panels, seems inspired by nature. The transparent sliding doors also make it easy for parents to cook while watching their kiddos play in the pool.


As a result of the pandemic, large dinner parties are no longer possible. But when the ‘storm’ is over, we can totally imagine ourselves having meals with our BFFs and relatives at this sprawling dining area.


The villa’s entertainment room also allows you and your friends to watch movies or sing karaoke to your hearts’ content.


King-sized bedrooms with scenic views

The large rooms with exquisite bedrooms distinguish Pool Villa Dragon Hua Hin from Airbnbs & typical hotel rooms within Thailand.

Comfortable king-sized beds will make you feel like a pampered royal during your short stay.


Some rooms have incorporated a window wall design that lets residents immerse themselves in the scenic countryside.


Meanwhile, kiddos can sleep in nautical-themed bunk beds while gazing at the vast and peaceful landscapes.


If you prefer a blissfully calm atmosphere, this villa has a balcony where you can spend an afternoon reading your favourite book while sipping on some Cha Yen, aka Thai milk tea.


The villa consists of 4 bathrooms so you can easily get a quick shower or unwind in a tub for hours on end.


Pool Villa Dragon Hua Hin for S$590/night

The Pool Villa House Dragon Hua Hin is priced from S$590 per night (13,500 Thai baht).

With 4 bedrooms & baths, the large 2 villa can definitely accommodate 10 to 15 people so it seems ideal for a house or bachelorette party with the clique.

Address: 51/37 Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Hua Hin
Contact No.: 0899829559
Website: Pool Villa Dragon Hua Hin, Facebook

BRB, bookmarking villas for when travel resumes

Singaporeans are not allowed to travel for leisure due to the pandemic. But the declining Covid-19 cases in our country and Thailand, make us feel optimistic that we can get our travel plans back on track next year.

In the meantime, you can visit their website or Facebook page to learn more details about this hidden gem.

Once travel for leisure finally resumes, we can think of no better way to commemorate the end of the pandemic than a late-night pool & karaoke party with our closest loved ones in Thailand’s seaside resort.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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