S’pore To Have Warmer Days In Second Half Of May, 36°C Temperature Expected On Some Days

Singapore To Have Warm, Drier Days Ahead Till End-May

You’ve probably been complaining about the relentless heat recently. And this woe is set to extend till the end of May.

S’pore Temperature Hit 36.8°C On 1 Apr, Highest Reading Since 1983

Singapore will soon experience warmer, drier days than in the last two weeks, with daily maximum temperatures ranging between 34°C and 35°C.

As if that’s not enough to make you low-key faint, we could even be experiencing 36°C on a few days.

Warm, drier days in last two weeks of May

According to Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), the last two weeks of May 2022 will be a lot warmer and drier.

While daily maximum temperatures are expected to hit 36°C on some days, we can also anticipate warm and humid conditions at night.

Temperatures on some nights will be at around 28°C. Those living around the southern and eastern coastal areas of the island will feel it the most.

The unusually warm weather on most days is caused by stable atmospheric conditions, which sees the presence of dry air over Singapore and in the surrounding region.

Source: Wati on Flickr

However, not all is lost. There will be rain, though only for a short time.

We would still have short-duration showers accompanied by thunder over a few parts of the island in the late morning and early afternoon.

Carry an umbrella or use sunblock

If you’ve been hoping for some relief from the recent sweltering weather, this is not the update you’ve been waiting for.

We’re in for some dry, sunny days ahead, so be sure to carry an umbrella around to ward off harmful rays and make good use of sunblock.

And if you’re going out for intensive exercise, you may want to pack an extra change of clothes or plastic bags to prevent unwanted sweat stains.

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