Wedding Flowers Fly Off As Car Zips Through Hougang

The day you marry the love of your life is an exciting occasion, so it makes sense for a bride or groom to be a bundle of nerves.

Although many can keep their cool, a Singaporean groom apparently couldn’t contain his excitement as he went behind the wheel of his GTR.

Zipping through the streets of Hougang, he went so fast that the wedding flowers adorning the car flew right off.

Wedding flowers fly off speeding car

Facebook user Blake Chan shared a dashcam video from the inside of what looks to be a wedding car at 5:34 am on Monday (28 Oct).

At first, nothing seems amiss, until the car picks up speed and the flowers on the bonnet start shaking in the wind.

Just as we suspect something is about to go terribly wrong, the video freezes and turns black and white for a few seconds, preparing us for the worst.


Sure enough, the flowers fly right off the bonnet in the very next second, over the windscreen and towards the back of the car in dramatic fashion.


In that moment, the groom knew he had messed up.

Florist replaces lost flowers with new ones

Luckily for him, the florist came to the rescue and managed to find replacement flowers at short notice.


With a quick fix, the new bouquet showed no signs of the groom’s hilarious slip-up.

Fortunately too, only the flowers were hurt in the incident, as the driver reached his destination safely.

We hope the little boo-boo didn’t affect the couple’s happy day in any way. Like Mr Blake Chan says, perhaps a GTR isn’t a good wedding car.

MS News extends our heartiest congratulations to the newlyweds.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.