Wild Boar Shatters Sengkang MRT Glass Door After Missing Person

Just yesterday (20 Jun), we reported about a group of wild boars spotted at an HDB void deck.

Wild Boars Spotted At HDB Void Deck, They Even Keep To 5 Pax Per Group

On the very same day, a clip showing a wild boar encounter was reshared on Facebook, this time at one of the entrances connected to Sengkang MRT.

In the clip, a wild boar was seen charging at a person before it missed and shattered a glass door at the MRT station.

You can watch the clip in full here:

Boar charges at person after brief staredown

At the start of the video, a black boar was seen having a brief staredown with a man dressed in white and green.


All of a sudden, the boar began charging towards the person, who in response darted in the other direction.


Instead of chasing after the person, the boar remained on its original course and shattered the glass door in its way.

A picture of the aftermath shows pieces of glass scattered on the floor where the collision took place.


Based on the time when the Instastory was posted, the incident happened on Saturday (20 Jun) evening. MS News has reached out to SBS Transit for more information.

Keep calm when you encounter a boar

According to NParks, wild boars have seen their population increase in recent years, thanks to their quick reproduction rates, “ideal foraging habitats” available, and the absence of predators.


As their population increase, the frequency of human-wild boar conflict may increase too.

If you happen to encounter a wild boar, here’s what to do, as advised NParks:

  • Keep calm and retreat slowly
  • Maintain a safe distance and do not provoke it
  • Leave adults with young piglets alone

Hope man and wild boar did not sustain serious injuries

Coming face to face with a wild boar can be a pretty terrifying experience for most of us.

That said, we’re glad the person who was chased by the boar in the video managed to escape.

We hope both he and the boar did not sustain any major injuries.

Featured image adapted from Instagram