S’pore TikTokers Allegedly Find Free Chicken Hack At Wingstop, Restaurant Chain Denies Promo

TikTokers Claim There’s A Free Chicken Hack At Wingstop Outlets In Singapore

Oftentimes in Singapore, when folks hear the word ‘free’, they’ll instantly perk up and start joining the closest snaking queue.

The same can be said for hacks that score you free food, which seems to be the viral trend floating around TikTok lately.

If you’ve been on the app recently, you may have seen videos by various accounts claiming to know of a hack that could get them free chicken from Wingstop.

Source: @huhwhatyoumean on TikTok

According to various videos, these hacks could range from dancing, all the way to high-fiving a staff member with sauce on your hands.

Despite the incessant videos, the restaurant has denied any such promotion.

Woman high-fives Wingstop staff with sauce-covered hands to snag free meal

The first videos showcasing the free chicken hack at Wingstop appeared sometime around 22 Apr.

In one video, a woman invited viewers to ‘follow’ her to get free chicken from Wingstop.


@wingstopsingapore COMMENT IF U DID IT !!!! (not applicable for sembawang, bishan, bukit batok)

♬ Cupid – Sped Up – EXE ROHIT

She recorded herself heading to the chain’s outlet at Wisteria Mall in Yishun, where she explained the steps one ‘should’ take to get the deal.

According to her, one would have to walk up to the counter and ask, “Can I have the sauce?”

The staff will then pour a dollop of the sauce on your palm. After that, she said that you’ll need to high-five any of the Wingstop staff –with the sauce on your hand — to get the free chicken.

Source: @huhwhatyoumean on TikTok

She then showed the receipt of her transaction on the cash terminal, which amounted to $0 instead of the usual cost of  S$15.45.

Another woman says secret phrase for free chicken

In another TikTok post,  a woman attempted another hack with the same result.

In her case, she told the staff, “Hello! Your mum wants fried chicken.”

Source: @donnachuauauaua on TikTok

Teetering on the offensive, it seemingly worked as she walked away with a free meal of chicken wings.

Source: @donnachuauauaua on TikTok

She ended the post by saying that the hack doesn’t work in Bishan, Bukit Batok and Sembawang, without explaining why.

TikTok user embarrassed after attempting free chicken wings hack

While there seems to be something fishy going on, some TikTok users decided to give one of the hacks a go anyway and visited a Wingstop outlet just to do so.

One woman recorded her attempt, sadly to unfavourable results.


How tf did i not see how ridiculous the code was. Moral of the story, dont be greedy. I shouldn’t have accepted the voucher tbh 😭 #food #fyp #singapore #sgtiktok #sgfoodie

♬ original sound – brenda 𓃦 – brenda 𓃦

Her TikTok clip showed her interaction with the staff who clarified that the promotion was “invalid”, much to the woman’s embarrassment.

Source: @stuffingmycheeks on TikTok

On the bright side, the Wingstop staff commended her bravery and offered a voucher as consolation.

Source: @stuffingmycheeks on TikTok

At the end of the video, the staff at the counter showed an advisory from Wingstop explaining that the restaurant chain is aware of the misinformation circulating online.

Source: @stuffingmycheeks on TikTok

In the note, they apologised for the inconvenience the fake promos have caused and stated that they will offer vouchers to those who’ve tried and failed.

Wingstop offers vouchers for anyone who attempts chicken wing hack

In response to MS News’ queries, Wingstop confirmed that there is no free chicken promotion.

However, as a token of thanks for trying the viral methods, Wingstop has offered customers a voucher in limited quantities in exchange for the attempt.

Hopefully, this clarification can put an end to the speculation that’s running rife on TikTok.

While it may be disappointing, hopefully, a voucher can help soothe some disgruntled souls who made a trip down to their closest Wingstop outlet.

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Featured image adapted from @donnachuauauaua on TikTok and @stuffingmycheeks on TikTok.

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