Daiso Korea Has Winnie The Pooh Homeware & Plushies From S$1

Winnie The Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood have been a significant part of our childhood.

As we grow older, fans don’t have to leave these adorable characters behind in story books and television.

Daiso Korea’s latest collection will surely revive your love for this cuddly, honey-seeking bear. The best part? They’re budget friendly as prices of these adorable items range from S$1.14 to S$5.72 (1,000 to 5,000 won).


Even if you aren’t a fan and simply love collecting Daiso exclusives, their latest Winnie the Pooh merch would appeal to you too as it combines cuteness and practicality.

Charming Pooh plushies & cold cups in Daiso Korea

Kids and adults who need a buddy can hug these charming Pooh and Piglet plushies for comfort. We bet their company can help you smile even in tough times.


According to Naver, they cost around S$5.72 (5,000 won).

As we slowly prepare to return to work or school, you can uplift your spirits by storing your morning coffee in these cold cups.


We bet you’ll fall in love with the lid featuring a relaxed Winnie the Pooh, and wish that you can live a chill life too after ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Like the plushies, they also cost around S$5.72 (5,000 won).

Unique stationery & card book

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, there is always a load of things you need to remember. You can take stock of your tasks and plans through this endearing notebook.


Naver reports that it will only set you back about S$2.29 (2,000 won).

Those who want to keep track of important notes and documents can use a paper index featuring popular characters like Tigger and Eeyore.


They cost roughly S$1.14 (1,000 won).

The collection proves that a card book doesn’t have to be stored in good ‘ol monochrome wallets or cases. Instead, you can trust Winnie the Pooh to keep your business cards well in place with 84 pockets.


It comes with a price tag of about S$3.43 (3,000 won).

Vibrant kitchenware

Typical kitchen towels are used to wipe dirt off your tables, but you may want to keep these ones clean for as long as possible.


Since they’re so cute, you may be tempted to use it as decor instead. Which is fine, as they cost only about S$2.29 (2,000 won).

Parents can motivate their young children to finish their meals through this set of spoons and plates.


The plate costs S$2.29 (2,000 won), while the bowl is S$3.43 (3,000 won). If you’re interested in only the utensils – spoon and fork – they’re priced at around S$2.29 (2,000 won).

Kids will be happy to know that they can also get a table mat and a pair of coaster sets to match their plates. After all, the more merch the merrier.


A set of table mat and coasters is priced at S$2.29 (2,000 won).

Enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom by placing your brushes and toothpaste in these yellow cups.


They only cost you about S$1.14 (1,000 won).

Pooh pouch & laptop bag

There’s no such thing as too much storage. If you need a place to store your ballpoint pens and everyday essentials, then opt for these soft pouches priced S$2.29 (2,000 won).


This versatile pencil case – which sells for around S$3.43 (3,000 won)can hold your ballpoint pens and ensure your bag stays organised.


Apple users who want to keep their precious Macbooks safe can check out this laptop case that offers a snug fit for their tech gadgets. They’re going for about S$5.72 (5,000 won).


Hours of working and staring at a computer may put a strain on your neck. After a long day’s work, you may need to lean comfortably on this memory foam neck cushion to get a much-needed break.


They are around S$5.72 (5,000 won) each.

Hoping it’ll reach our shores soon

Daiso’s newest collection isn’t available in local stores yet.

For now, those interested may have to resort to requesting them on Airfrov and hope for the best. We hope sellers can provide local fans with these items soon.

What do you think of Daiso Korea’s new Winnie The Pooh collection? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Naver.