Woman Caught Abusing Dog With Broom At Sembawang Condo, SPCA Appeals For Info

SPCA Appeals For Info Regarding Woman Abusing Dog With Broom At Sembawang Condo

Owners of fur kids are typically loving and will shower them with love and affection.

However, there have been times where fur kids are neglected and even abused by their owners.

Recently, a woman was caught abusing a dog at a condo in Sembawang.

The video was posted on Facebook where she could be seen jabbing and hitting the poor dog on several occasions.

As the video went viral, it was brought to the attention of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Woman caught abusing dog at Sembawang condo

The video was made up of multiple clips of the woman abusing the dog on several occasions at the balcony of her house.

According to the OP who received the video from an anonymous person, she found out the incident happened at Sky Residences Condo in Sembawang.

In the first clip, the woman could be seen using the back part of the broom to jab hard at the dog several times.


She was later seen doing the same thing to the dog after it moved to the other side of the balcony.


On a separate occasion, the same woman was seen standing at the balcony once again, with the dog lying by the corner. She stared at the dog for several minutes with her arm akimbo.

About a minute later, she started hitting the dog once more.


The dog quickly moved to the other side of the balcony as the woman went back into the house.


After coming out onto the balcony again, the woman hit the dog’s head while sweeping the floor. But this time, it seemed like she had peered her head to look into the house before doing so.


Woman ties dog to balcony

In the last clip on another occasion, the woman was seen threatening the dog with the broom. Upon raising it, the dog flinched, perhaps in fear of the woman hitting it again.


The woman then placed a leash on the dog before tying and leaving it on the balcony.


In an update by the OP who posted the video, she informed others she managed to find out the block and unit number of the woman, thanks to the residents of the condo.

The OP has since shared the information with relevant authorities. She also urged anyone with relevant information to report it to the authorities.

SPCA appealing for more information

SPCA subsequently posted on Facebook on Tuesday (30 Nov) to appeal for information regarding the case.


Additionally, SPCA has referred the case to the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS).

They mentioned that anyone with credible information in relation to the location and identity of the person can inform them through their hotline or email. SPCA also assured all information will be kept confidential.

Do not use violence against pets

It is certainly alarming to observe such violent behaviour towards pets.

Whether or not the dog has done something wrong, such abusive behaviour is simply unacceptable.

Training methods should not resort to violence.

Hopefully, the authorities will quickly get to the bottom of the situation.

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Featured image adapted from Zoe Hannah on Facebook.

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