S’porean Woman Passes Away From ALS, Mum Cared For Her 24/7 For 8 Years

32-Year-Old Singaporean Woman With ALS Passes Away On 16 Mar

A mother’s love for her children knows no bounds and is often self-sacrificial, even if it means staying by their child’s side 24/7 to care for them.

A Singaporean woman, Hui Yi, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2014 when she was just 24.

Since then, her mother, Ms Guo, had stayed by her side day and night, caring for her as her condition worsened.


She continued to do this for 8 years, up until 16 Mar, when 32-year-old Hui Yi passed away peacefully in her home.

Now, Ms Guo shares her daughter’s story, hoping to raise awareness for ALS and offer ALS patients hope that they can still live life to the fullest despite their condition.

Woman diagnosed with ALS at 24

Since high school, Hui Yi had been studying abroad in Canada. After completing her university studies, she became a social worker.

However, in 2014, Hui Yi, who was 24 then, began feeling unwell.


She had trouble swallowing and suffered from muscle weakness. Within the year, she lost over 15kg.

Worried, her parents brought her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable, progressive nervous system disease that causes loss of muscle control.

According to Oriental Daily, Hui Yi’s mother, Ms Guo, shared that their family was shocked and saddened when they learned of her diagnosis.

Ms Guo immediately flew to Canada and stayed by Hui Yi’s side for 3 months.

Subsequently, the mother and daughter returned to Singapore to get a second opinion, but the diagnosis was confirmed to be accurate.

Parents wanted to bring her home

In such a difficult time, Hui Yi never complained. Instead, she remained optimistic, enthusiastically partaking in her treatment.

However, Hui Yi’s parents didn’t want her to spend the rest of her days in a hospital. They decided to bring her home to care for her.

Ms Guo shared that Hui Yi could still live independently at the start. But not long after, she had trouble eating and breathing on her own.

Hui Yi soon lost her ability to communicate and became bedridden. She also had to rely on a machine and a feeding tube to breathe and eat.

To ensure her daughter received adequate care, Ms Guo purchased an array of healthcare equipment, including a ventilator, an oxygen concentrator, and a hospital bed.

Woman ALS passes awaySource

According to Oriental Daily, Hui Yi’s room resembled an ICU unit.

Mum cared for her 24/7

Every day, Ms Guo would stay by her daughter’s side 24/7, tending to her every need, even sleeping by her side at night.

At one point, Hui Yi’s condition worsened, and she needed to be checked on every 15 minutes.

Having to also care for her 2 other daughters, Ms Guo, her husband, and their helper took turns staying by Hui Yi’s side throughout the night.

Ms Guo shared that although Hui Yi could no longer speak, she was still very much herself. When she was feeling up for it, the family would often take her to the movies, dine out, and go for walks.

To do this, they had to bring several assistive devices with Hui Yi each time.

Hui Yi could no longer speak, but she could express herself through an electronic device. Every night without fail, she would wish her parents goodnight and tell them she loved them.

Hui Yi passed away from ALS on 16 Mar

For 8 years, Ms Guo and her family cared for Hui Yi unwaveringly. Despite that, Hui Yi’s condition continued to deteriorate.

On 16 Mar, Hui Yi, 32, passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by family, Shin Min Daily News reported.

After her daughter’s untimely demise, 62-year-old Ms Guo hopes to raise awareness for ALS by sharing Hui Yi’s story. She wishes for patients with the same diagnosis to not lose hope.

They can still live a worthwhile life by adjusting their mindset and getting the support they need.

Ms Guo understands that ALS does not affect cognitive or sensory abilities, so patients are often uncomfortable. They might even feel burdened for causing strain on their caregivers, both physically and financially.

For those who have just received the diagnosis, Ms Guo said it is normal to feel worried and lost. She urged patients to learn more about the disease on the ALS Association website.

Condolences to Hui Yi’s loved ones

Throughout Hui Yi’s battle with such a distressing disease, her family stayed by her side, supporting her till the very end.

Losing a loved one is always difficult, and all the more so when it is your young child whom you’ve cared for your entire life.

MS News offers our sincerest condolences to Hui Yi’s loved ones. May she rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Oriental Daily.

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