Woman Chopes KL Mall Parking Lot For S’pore-Registered Car, Called Out For Selfishness

Woman Chopes Parking Lot At KL Mall Carpark For Singapore-Registered Car

All motorists, even those overseas, know that it’s fair game when it comes to parking lot spaces.

As long as you’re the closest person to the empty lot, everyone automatically assumes that it’s yours.

So it’s unthinkable that reserving spots is even a thing, especially in public carparks.

A couple was flabbergasted when they saw a woman ‘choping’ or reserving a parking lot in a mall in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

woman parking lot

Source: Facebook

The woman even thwarted the couple’s attempts to enter the empty parking lot, when finally, a Singapore-registered car drove right in, amidst loud horns.

Netizens spared no expense in calling out the woman’s selfish actions.

Woman stands around carpark to chope parking lot in KL mall

On 4 Sep, a Facebook user who was part of the couple who was denied the parking lot posted about their experience with the unknown woman.

Source: Facebook

In the post, the OP alleged that the woman had alighted from a car first to chope the parking lot after the previous vehicle had vacated it.

Ignoring the couple who was waiting in their car nearby, she seemed busy speaking to someone on the phone.

woman parking lot

Source: Facebook

The couple can be heard commenting, “How can you do this?”

The video showed the woman smiling on occasion before walking over to the couple and explaining to them she was “reserving the parking lot for her younger brother”.

Gestures for black Mercedes to enter parking lot

In another video, the woman smiles sweetly at the couple after exchanging a few words.

She then walked over to the other side of the couple’s car and gestured for her younger brother to come forward and park.

woman parking lot

Source: Facebook

The younger brother seemed to be driving a Singapore-registered black Mercedes.

As the black SUV got into position, the car in the occupied parking lot moved out, allowing the Mercedes to slot right in.

In a show of defiance, the couple honked at the Mercedes, annoyed that their wait for a parking lot was for nought.

The original Facebook post has since been removed, but it has gone viral with over 5,700 shares at the time of writing and coverage by multiple news sites.

Netizen points out that woman’s actions were unlawful

The woman’s selfish actions drew the ire of netizens who spared no expense in calling her out.

One netizen even claimed that her actions were illegal, citing a legal ruling in their comment.

Source: Facebook

A Singaporean netizen gave his two cents, saying he can’t fathom why anyone would do such a thing.

Source: Facebook

One comment wondered where the car robbers were when you need them, alluding to the many car-related thefts in Malaysia.

Source: Facebook

Nationalities aside, the woman’s actions were rightly infuriating, no matter where they took place.

Hopefully, all motorists will be more considerate and aware of others around them and prevent such incidents from occurring again.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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