Wider Walkways At Woodlands Ring Road Will Improve Safety & Convenience

Over the years, Singapore has been trying to take steps towards a car-lite future.


To encourage people to walk and cycle more, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is now embarking on Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) projects.

The first of this will be at Woodlands Ring Road, adjacent to Kampung Admiralty.

Walkways in the area will be widened to give pedestrians and cyclists more space to travel.

Wider walkways at Woodlands Ring Road

On Thursday (21 Jan), LTA announced their plans to widen the pedestrian walkways at a part of Woodlands Ring Road.

Current photo of Woodlands Ring Road Junction

This will affect the area between Woodlands Drive 63 and Drive 71.

The changes will allow residents and students from the following schools in the area to cycle or walk more comfortably:

  • MINDS Woodlands Gardens School
  • Woodlands Ring Primary School
  • Woodlands Ring Secondary School
  • Spectra Secondary School

admiralty walkways widenedArtist impression of widened walkways
Image courtesy of LTA

The wider walkways will also enable pedestrians to access the nearby Kampung Admiralty and Admiralty MRT station via a safer and more convenient route.

In addition to these changes, the road towards Woodlands Drive 63 will be converted to only allow buses and emergency vehicles.

LTA to gather feedback before making permanent changes

Gearing up for this project, the westbound lane of Woodlands Ring Road will be closed to the public starting February.

LTA will set up barriers at Woodlands Drive 71 to prevent private vehicles from using the road.

Following these changes, LTA seeks the public’s feedback and suggestions on how to improve the roads.

From there, they’ll make permanent changes if the public is supportive of the change.

Plans to improve road infrastructure

As Singapore works towards a more sustainable future, authorities plan to improve our road infrastructure and accommodate active modes of transport like walking and cycling.

admiralty walkways widenedSource

Hence LTA has been looking into potential areas where they can fit roads with wider walkways and cycling paths.

A welcome change

Recently, many Singaporeans have taken to cycling either as a hobby or mode of transport.

However, narrow pathways can be dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

So this initiative will surely be a welcome one by Singaporeans as we look forward to more of such changes in time to come.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and courtesy of LTA.