80% Of Workers Living In Dorms Expected To Be Covid-Free By End July

Earlier this year, the Covid-19 outbreak among migrant workers living in dormitories or dorms became a worrying sign.

However, good news is knocking on our doors this June, for up to 80% of these workers are expected to be free of the virus by end July.


Minister For National Development Lawrence Wong shared this information in a press briefing on Thursday (25 Jun).

250,000 workers in dorms to be free of Covid-19

As the government ramps up testing efforts in dormitories, we have been recording high numbers of infections daily.


Though so, there is also a high recovery rate as more patients start to test negative for Covid-19 daily.

By the end of next month, the task force is positive that 70-80% of our migrant worker population living in dormitories will be free of Covid-19.

That is up to 250,000 workers, according to a Ministry of Health (MOH) press release.

No Covid-19 cases in 163 dormitories

Furthermore, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has recently announced that 31 more dorms have been cleared of the virus, which adds up to a total of 61 Covid-free accommodations.

This gives us hope that we can see more cases of recovery and a drop in new infections.


Currrently, at least 80,000 migrant workers are heading back to their work stations, reports The Straits Times (ST).

We can expect this number to increase by the end of July. Simultaneously, the government is maintaining swabbing efficiency to test the rest of the workers in subsequent months.

Wish all patients a speedy recovery

While we are still detecting hundreds of cases daily, this is a positive sign that ample measures are taken to detect Covid-19 early and curb infections.

The more stable figures recently are thanks to our efficient contact tracing and testing efforts, enabling more people to receive treatment for the virus.

We hope that those who are battling Covid-19 now will keep up a good fight and have a smooth recovery.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.