Opinion: Why Do Workers Cut Grass At 8AM & Wake The Entire HDB Block Up?

MustShareMail: Can Town Councils Schedule Grass Cutting Later In The Day?

I’m currently working from home and have done so since early last year. Getting adequate rest amid a gruelling work week is thus highly important.

But there’s 1 thing that really grinds my gears.

One fine morning, I was happily sleeping ahead of my shift later when I was rudely awakened by an unwelcome sound.

To my horror, I discovered that I had been awoken a full hour before my alarm rang.

The source of my misery that morning? The sound of workers cutting grass at 8am.


This isn’t the 1st time it has happened. My sleep was messed up a number of times previously; I could not help but imagine hurling objects out of my window to stop the sound the entire time I was in bed.

If we had to rank some of Singapore’s most irksome sounds, grass cutting sounds at 8am can rival the koel’s distinct KU-OOO cry.

I have a question for town councils.

Can you be more sensitive to people’s sleeping hours and ensure that workers operating grass cutting machines start work at a later hour?

There are many, including myself, who may still be asleep at 8am due to work hours starting later.

I see no harm in starting loud work like grass cutting when most people would be awake by then.

As working from home is still the default for people like me, please have mercy on us.

This article states that working from home has led to increased work stress and working hours being blurred, among other reasons.

Rest is super important if we are to have a productive day ahead.

But for the sake of keeping grass trimmed, my precious rest is being sacrificed.

Town councils, please hear my call.

Amelia Ong, resident who’s in constant need of a good night’s rest

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