Yishun Residents Couldn’t Exit The 12th Floor As Fire Blocked Staircase Escape

A fire broke out last Saturday night (28 Jul) at the lift landing of a flat along Yishun Ring Road.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded to the fire at 11.15pm, successfully extinguishing it with just one water jet.

An entire lift lobby was left charred and covered in soot as a result. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

However, Yishun’s unfortunate affinity with fire was somewhat proven — this is the second incident in a month.

Neighbours unite to fight fire

Residents claimed that the fire blocked off the sole route of escape – the staircase – which was only accessible via the lift lobby, according to The New Paper.


Trapped in their apartments, brave residents resorted to using buckets of water to keep the fire at bay, until the arrival of the firefighters.

Don’t discard items along corridors pls

According to the SCDF, 2 bicycles, along with other items discarded at the lift landing were involved in the fire.


When interviewed, neighbours revealed that a 12th floor resident often left items at the lift landing, before selling them off to recyclers aka ‘karang gunis‘.

78-year-old Ms Luo, the accused resident, said she leaves items outside her apartment as her granddaughter does not fancy having them inside the house.

She insisted that the 2 bicycles that were supposedly involved did not belong to her.

A Sembawang Town Council Spokesman commented that they have advised Ms Luo on numerous occasions not to leave items at the lift landing.

Yishun’s affinity with fire

This isn’t the first time Yishun has had similar cases of fire incidents.

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Just last month, 100 residents were evacuated and 2 were sent to the hospital after a massive fire broke out in a nearby Yishun flat just 1.5km away.

Well, at least we know what the choices are for Yishun residents of this block now.

Stop others from leaving discarded items along the corridors or y’know, consider moving out of Yishun altogether?

We’re joking btw, but do check out our glorious satire on Yishun here:

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Featured image from The New Paper and Google Maps.