Yishun Pasar Malam Has Rides, Games & Food From Now Till 29 Dec

The pulsing lights, the savoury smells, the beeps, bleeps and the chatter of a hungry crowd – there is no mistaking a pasar malam for anything else.

From now till 29 Dec, a sprawling one will sit behind Yishun MRT station, just opposite Northpoint City. There, you’ll find games, rides, food and even a Sungei Road market with more than enough to placate the evening bout of boredom.

Toss-n-win, bumper cars & carousels

Among the games, you’ll find simple stand-and-throw ones — simple to play, but challenging to win. Pay $5 and you’ll stand a chance to win one of those huge plushies.

There are no shortages of bumper car arenas. Get in those donuts with your friends and have a good knocking around. One round costs $8.

Another thing that caught our eye was a kind of standing bumper car. You sit in it much like one would sit in a robot or exosuit. These will surely give fans of Transformers or Pacific Rim a roar of fun.

Carousel rides ($5/pax) were aplenty too. They make exceptionally comfortable rides during this period of chilly weather. We suggest going on one of these before you load up the skewers, burgers and finger foods.

Spinning on a full stomach rarely ends well.

A maze of claw machines

Those who love a bit of luck-testing with a flimsy claw may enter the maze of claw machines. We’re serious, it’s a maze. There are probably more claw machines there than you’ll find in a normal-sized arcade.

Quantity takes a crown and so does the content of these machines. A couple of them brim with Halloween-inspired BT21 soft toys.

Others include characters from My Little Pony and Doraemon. We’ll leave you to hunt for any prized hidden ones while you’re there.

Sungei Road market covering a quarter of the pasar

Apart from the toys, there is also a smorgasbord of everyday items from electronics to ornaments to bags and luggage for that upcoming EOY trip.

Mahjong sets, wood craft, porcelain pieces are just some of the things you’ll find in the Sungei Road market stalls.

Takoyaki, skewers & BBT tea

If food and drinks were absent, it would be called a funfair, not a pasar malam. An abundance of finger-food await you, such as the ever familiar takoyakis and Thai-style skewers.

Deep fried sweet potato balls go at 10 pieces for $3, while servings of grilled mushrooms go for $5.

We’re no food experts, but the juiciness and the seasoning of the grilled mushrooms were top notch.

Next, we tried what may justifiably be called a gastronomic sin. We’re talking about goreng pisang drizzled with cheese and nutella ($6.50).

More fried seafood awaits in the throes of the market. IKAN sells a range of flavoured otahs like prawns, squid, scallops and even crabs. Snag a bag of 5 for $3.

Quench your thirst with a ridiculous range of iced drinks in the vicinity. A fruit tea ($4.90) or mango slushie with chewy tapioca balls ($5.90) should do the trick.

Or you could always opt for something sweeter and more satisfying with a cup of creme brulee brown sugar for $4.90.

Now, that’s a full plate of pleasure, worthy for a festive, end-of-the-year appetite.

Where there is cheap, tasty food, there will be a crowd. When we were there in the evening, the pasar malam was already in full swing. So if you aren’t fond of the crowd, visiting before the peak, dinnertime period may be wise.

Address: Block 744 Yishun St 72, behind Yishun MRT
Date: 2-29 Dec 2019
Opening hours: 11am till late

This post was brought to you by TLK Trade Fair and Events.

Photography by Clement.