Youths Seen On Top Of MBS Trespassing Into Restricted Area

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is one of Singapore’s most luxurious shopping malls. However, recently, there has been a few bizarre incidents happening there.

On Wednesday (2 Dec), Instagram account sgfollowsall shared a video of youths lepak-ing on the roof of MBS.


Speaking about the incident, an MBS spokesperson warned that they will take action against anyone trespassing into restricted areas of the mall.

Youths casually walk around roof of MBS

In the video, 3 youths were seen on the top and open-air level of MBS, casually walking around.


According to Shin Min Daily News, they wandered around 3 locations on the top floor of MBS including the rooftop garden, and other parts of the hotel building.

youths MBSSource

At one point, one of the youths even sat down on the roof while another walked around on it.

Top floor is reportedly a restricted area

The top floor of MBS is a restricted area and according to sgfollowsall, all entrances and exits to the area were blocked.

youths MBSSource

It is not accessible to the public and it is believed that the youths had trespassed onto the top floor.

MBS will take action against trespassers

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, an MBS spokesperson reminded all visitors that only authorised personnel are allowed to access the top floor.

MBS also reiterated that they will not hesitate to take action against trespassers.

This may include lodging a police report, handing them over to the police, or banning them from entering MBS premises.

MS News has reached out to MBS for a statement on the incident.

Hope the youths learn their lesson

Trespassing is not only dangerous, it is also a crime that is punishable by law that can result in imprisonment or fines.

We hope the youths learn their lesson and will not repeat their mistake in the future.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.