Sentosa Scavenger Hunt Has Old-School Games & Family-Friendly Trails For Your June Holiday Plans

Sentosa Scavenger Hunt Has Old-School Games & Family-Friendly Trails For Your June Holiday Plans

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival Has Family-Friendly Activities For This June Holidays

The June holidays are a perfect opportunity for families to take a break from work or school and indulge in some much-needed quality time together.

If you don’t have anything planned yet, we’ve got you covered.

Over the next few weeks, Sentosa is bringing back the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival, which boasts a series of activities that effectively turn the island into one big wellness retreat destination.

One of this year’s key events is BondWELL, where you’ll have the chance to dip your toes in nature through an exciting scavenger hunt and also introduce the little ones to your childhood with some nostalgic experiences.

Here’s a breakdown of what to look forward to.

De-stress with long strolls along Imbiah Trail

It’s no secret that we spend way too much time indoors staring at the glaring lights of our screens.

Take this as a reminder to set aside some time to embrace the great outdoors with a Therapeutic Forest Walk and enjoy a refreshing and invigorating stroll along Sentosa’s tranquil Imbiah Trail as part of the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival.

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival

After a peaceful forest walk, participants can look forward to an art expression activity and a group reflection session to take stock of the whole experience.

If you’re interested, do note that this event is only suitable for those who are six years old and above. At least one adult should accompany children below 12 for the walk.

Learn new facts about Sentosa with scavenger hunt

For the knowledge buffs and young explorers, BondWELL’s Scavenger Hunt is the ideal way to satisfy your curiosity as a family.

Unleash your inner adventurer as you learn more about the Imbiah Nature Trail and the lesser-known but equally charming Coastal Trail firsthand while traversing the rugged nature paths across the offshore island.

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival

Through the Scavenger Hunt, both the young and young-at-heart will have a chance to discover fun facts they never knew about Sentosa Island’s geography and biodiversity — perfect for impressing guests at your next party.

This activity is suitable to all who are seven years old and above. Kids younger than that should be accompanied by an adult.

Due to the active nature of the Scavenger Hunt, those using strollers or wheelchairs are not advised to take part in this activity.

Obtain your dose of nostalgia with old-school games

Kids today have such a wealth of modern technology at their fingertips that many old-school games have sadly been replaced by iPad apps and Netflix binge-watching sessions.

Games of YesterYears lets adults relive their childhoods while introducing the games they used to play to pass time long before mobile devices became as advanced as they are today.

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival

Conveniently situated within tents perched on the bridge from Imbiah Forecourt to Sentosa Nature Discovery, get ready for an unforgettable time playing classic games such as Five Stones, Chapteh, Jenga, Gasing, as well as Snakes and Ladders.

Besides being a fun break, this is a great way to get those brain juices flowing before or after you embark on other offerings at the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival.

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival

BondWELL with the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival this holiday season

BondWELL, which is happening from now till 25 Jun, is one of five pillars at this year’s Zentosa LiveWELL Festival designed to help your mind, body, and soul recharge as you take a much-needed break from fast-paced urban life.

So get the entire fam off the couch and out of the house into the welcoming outdoors while forging precious connections with one another.

Zentosa LiveWELL Festival

Tickets for the Therapeutic Forest Walk @ Imbiah Trail go for S$6, while admission to both the Scavenger Hunt and Games of YesterYears are free.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the official BondWELL microsite here.

Image courtesy of Sentosa

Besides that, the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival also features four other pillars with a wide range of activities and happenings to appeal to all kinds of visitors. They are:

  • PlayWELL, which focuses on physical wellness
  • RestWELL, where guests can undergo a ‘digital detox’
  • EatWELL, where guests can enjoy healthier food options
  • FeelWELL, which focuses on mental and emotional wellness

To find out more about Zentosa LiveWELL Festival, check out the official website here and follow Sentosa on Facebook and Instagram.

After that, check out how you can get to Sentosa here.

Bond with family in the great outdoors

Having quality fun with the fam doesn’t always have to be an elaborate affair or cost a bomb.

With so many pocket-friendly activities just a drive or train ride away, we think it is time to add them to your holiday to-do list.

After all, time spent with family, friends, and loved ones will never go to waste.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Sentosa.

Featured image by MS News. Photography by Brad Lee.


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