Buy 1 Get 1 Free Drinks At Starbucks, With New Flavours & V-Day Merch In-Store

You’re probably tired of Chinese New Year preparations by now, so it would be a good idea to look forward to something else instead.

Since Valentine’s Day is just eight days after Chinese New Year, couples looking to get in the mood early would love Starbucks’ new deals.

1-for-1 drinks, a new drink flavour and V-day merch would make the perfect prelude to a romantic occasion.

Buy 1 get 1 free venti-sized drinks

Spending for two isn’t cheap, especially if you’re broke but still want to treat bae to a little something special.

With Starbucks’ 1-for-1 promo, you can upgrade your daily dose of kopi to something high-SES without feeling any guilt.


Your significant other will appreciate you spending a little more to keep them fueled for a long day at work. Just don’t let them know that you got one drink for free.

Singletons shouldn’t feel left out because 1-for-1 means you’ll get two drinks for the price of one and keep them all to yourself.

Strawberry shortcake frappuccino hits the sweet spot

If you’ve been stressing over ways to approach your crush, Starbucks’ new strawberry shortcake frappuccino could be the answer to your problems.


The fresh burst of strawberry mixed with decadent chocolate chips makes a perfect match, just like you and that cute guy or girl you’ve been crushing on.

Topped with whipped cream and a swirl of strawberry syrup, the sugar rush might just match the rush you get when the two of you exchange glances.


You’ll thank us for the pick-up lines later.

Good news is that the new flavour also comes in Venti, so you’ll get to enjoy the 1-for-1 promo and have a reason to treat your crush to a drink.

Valentine’s day merch to end your search

You’ve spent many Valentine’s Days with your partner and are running out of ideas for gifts. What else would they like?

Sometimes the simplest gestures and gifts can make people happy and that’s what you’ll find in Starbucks’ V-day merch.


The tall thermos costs S$46.90, the cup with the straw S$22.90 and the cutesy one with the fluffy keychain is S$32.90.

The muted designs and pretty pastel colours will make any girl go “Aww” and put her hands over her heart.

Left: S$39.90, Right: S$22.90


Guys with sophisticated taste would appreciate these designs too, because the little dashes of gold are quite classy.

S$26.90 each


Plus you can use the wide range of bottles, tumblers and mugs for your daily coffee runs and play your part as an eco-warrior.

Left: S$36.90, Right: S$29.90


Buy two so you can fill one up with the free drink.

Promo ends 31 Jan

You can get the 1-for-1 drinks at any Starbucks outlet from Monday (28 Jan) till Thursday (31 Jan) and only between 3pm-7pm each day.

So arrange your tea time date at Starbucks on any of those days to enjoy the sweet deal.

Featured image from Starbucks.