MOH Advises Eatery Owners To Space Seating Apart By At Least 1 Metre For Social Distancing

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MOH Advises Owner Of Public Spaces To Practise Social Distancing, Dining Venues Could Set Seats 1 Metre Apart

In a televised speech by PM Lee on 12 Mar, it is confirmed that Singapore’s DORSCON level will not turn red.

S’pore Won’t Be Going To DORSCON Red, PM Lee Thanks S’poreans For Calm & Responsible Reactions

Though so, we will be introducing more stringent policies to contain Covid-19 in Singapore.

In a press conference on 13 Mar, the Ministry of Health (MOH) advises owners of public facilities and spaces to put in place precautionary measures to minimise contact between Singaporeans.

Such places including dining areas, cinemas, and gyms that might start limiting crowds in days to come.

MOH advises dining venues to set seats 1 metre apart

With 187 Covid-19 cases in Singapore as of 12 Mar, we need to exercise tighter control of human traffic in crowded space.

To reduce interaction between people, MOH is putting in place measures to reduce close contact by patrons and customers, as much as possible. These include:

  • Dining venues could set seats at least 1m apart
  • Entertainment venues and tourist attractions – e.g. casinos, cinemas, theme parks, museums, and galleries – could limit the number of visitors at any one time, and/or increase spacing among visitors
  • Sports centres with indoor facilities – e.g. gyms, private academies – could limit the number of patrons, introduce physical separation measures, increase the frequency of cleaning, as well as issue advisories to reduce unnecessary contact, and practise public hygiene.

This social distancing concept might aid in curbing the spread of the virus.

MOH noted that the above advisories are subjected to further review based on the situation worldwide.

Social distancing in workplaces

MOH also advises employers are advised to put in place measures to reduce close contact where feasible.

For example, employers should start:

  • tele-commuting and video-conferencing where possible
  • staggering work hours,
  • letting employees to commute at off-peak hours
  • spacing seating in meeting rooms and work stations apart.

Let’s be cooperative

These measures are put in place to better protect Singaporeans.

Even though these new regulations might sound dreadful, we need to remain open-minded to these upcoming changes.

As the scale of the pandemic grows by the day, all the more do we need to stay alert.

Hence, we hope that Singaporeans will remain cooperative in public spaces.

Featured image adapted from AFP.

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