5-Year-Old Sends Handmade Card Greetings To Friends She Misses, Harks Back To Simpler Times

Young Girl Sends Hari Raya Greetings By Post To Friends She Hasn’t Seen For A Long Time

Social distancing has gone on for quite a while, and many of us miss our family and friends.

However, while most of us have resorted to Zoom meetings, one 5-year-old girl went old school.

With the help of her parents, she made cards by hand and sent them to the friends she missed so much.

Image courtesy of Farida

A very unusual year of celebrations

Just like many other families worldwide, blogger Farida and her family had to resort to using Zoom to keep in touch with loved ones.

Even more disappointingly, Hari Raya, usually a time of great festivities, also had to be celebrated virtually this year.

Whether it was due to a quieter Hari Raya or simply not seeing her friends for a long time, Farida’s 5-year-old daughter Sarrah simply wanted to do more.

According to Farida, young Sarrah was insistent on wishing her friends for Hari Raya. It was then that her mother suggested making Eid cards from scratch.


Cards handmade from scratch

Having to make countless cards and envelopes from scratch, Sarrah roped both her parents into this endeavour.

She even said that this would be a good break for her father, who was working non-stop from home.

Image courtesy of Farida

Gathering all the art supplies they could find at home, Sarrah got to work, drawing and colouring and gluing. What came of it were some absolutely adorable little cards, very evidently filled with joy and love.

All the cards had cute little drawings all over, and some even had pop-out details just to give them an extra oomph.

Image courtesy of Farida

Aside from feeling proud that her daughter unleashed her creativity, Farida was simply enthralled to have such quality time with her family.

Learning about the postal system

Since they couldn’t exactly deliver these cards face-to-face, Farida made use of this opportunity to teach Sarrah about the postal system.

Leaving the house for the first time in a while, the 5-year-old learnt of the intricacies behind using stamps as she explored the post office for the very first time.

Image courtesy of Farida

After that short field trip, Sarrah simply couldn’t wait to send her little creations by snail mail.

She got to work once again, writing the names of her recipients, sealing the envelopes and placing stamps on each one of them all by herself.

Image courtesy of Farida

The young one then headed downstairs with her little brother, popping each envelope into the mailbox.

Image courtesy of Farida

This image says it all — so much joy and anticipation in having her friends islandwide receiving her love.

She also conveyed her gratitude to all Singapore postal workers, who are still working during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Spending quality family time together

According to Farida, this wasn’t the only activity her family got to do together. They also unveiled their inner “circuit bakers” and made no-bake Oreo cheesecake, banana cake and art bread.

It really looks like her family is having one heck of a time at home with one another.

We simply loved that at such a young age, Sarrah still thought about her friends in a time like this, and was open to the old-school method of connecting with them.

Also, Farida’s sharp eye, in catching teachable moments for her daughter to explore meaningful ways of life that have been all but forgotten, is commendable.

We hope that the cards bring a smile to your face, just as they did to ours

Featured images courtesy of Farida.

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