M’sia 7-Eleven Has In-Store Café & Bakery With Croffle Sticks, Matcha Drinks & Desserts

M’sia 7-Eleven Has In-Store Café & Bakery With Croffle Sticks, Matcha Drinks & Desserts

New 7-Eleven In Puchong Is An All-In-One Café, Bakery, Bookstore & Convenience Store

7-Eleven triggers fond memories of drinking ice cold Slurpees while chilling with friends. Since most outlets are small convenience stores, this massive version in Malaysia will take you by surprise.

Located in Puchong, this brand new and very big 7-Eleven is a cafe, bakery, bookstore, and convenience store rolled into one.


Source: Meals in Minutes on Instagram

They also serve their signature Slurpees, snacks, as well as matcha drinks and desserts from Niko Neko.

7-Eleven 1

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

Here’s a look at everything they’ve packed into the branch.

7-Eleven opens massive outlet in Puchong, Malaysia

7-Eleven recently opened a two-storey outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.

7-Eleven 2

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

Resembling a modern minimalist café, you’ll find a Pinterest-worthy sanctuary where you can catch up with your buddies or take a break in the middle of the day.

7-Eleven 3

Source: Meals in Minutes on Instagram

One of the main highlights is their in-store bakery, a collaboration with contemporary matcha brand Niko Neko.

7-Eleven 4

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

Here, you’ll find matcha-flavoured mocktails, cookies, cakes, tea, and lattes that will easily make you salivate.

7-Eleven 8

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

You’ll also notice classic treats like Slurpees, mango rice cakes, as well as made-upon-order croffles that come in three flavours, including honey mustard sausage, berry unicorn, and Kit Kat delight.

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

Bookstore and lifestyle shopping section

As a full-fledged lifestyle outlet, the branch also boasts a bookstore and gift section.

Source: Cafe FOLOME on Instagram

Bibliophiles will be delighted to find a mini bookstore by BookXcess on the second floor. Here, you’ll be able to browse through books and stationery in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Source: Cafe FOLOME on Instagram

Their gift section is packed with fun-tastic Funko Pop toys, Pokémon figurines, and 7-Eleven merchandise. Perhaps you’ll spot a few souvenirs that you can add to your collection back home.

Source: @tierentandianofficial on Instagram

The outlet even has a beauty section, where you can stock up on skincare and beauty products from brands like Boots, Naturie, Nadeshiko, Utena, and Farm Skin.

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

Shop for essentials in convenience store

7-Eleven still seems to be the ideal destination for stocking up on essentials, especially when you’re travelling.

Here, you certainly won’t be disappointed with their fully-stocked shelves of chips, instant noodles, and snacks of all varieties.

Source: @jom._.daka on Instagram

Those who are too lazy to cook in their hotel rooms can grab ready-made vacuum-packed healthy meals, from sambal prawns to Tuscan salmon.

Source: Meals in Minutes on Instagram

Hope to see more 7-Eleven outlets like this

The 7-Eleven outlet in Puchong seems like an all-in-one lifestyle hub packed with all the essentials you’ll need, whether you’re working or travelling.

Here’s how to get there if you’re looking to stop by soon:

Address: No. 22A, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong, Selangor

This unusual concept for a 7-Eleven outlet will surely turn the heads of locals and tourists alike.

After all, there aren’t that many places where you can get food, gifts, books, toys, and beauty products before sitting down for coffee and bakes in one centralised location.

Hopefully, we’ll also get a 7-Eleven with this unique concept in Singapore very soon.

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Featured image adapted from KL Foodie on Facebook.

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