Aliff Aziz claims he couldn’t resist cheating on wife as his ‘soul felt empty’

Aliff Aziz says he cheated on wife as his ‘soul felt empty’

In the latest twist of Aliff Aziz’s relationship scandal, the Singaporean singer-actor claimed that he cheated on his wife, Bella Astillah, as his “soul felt empty”.

He also acknowledged that he had made a mistake and was embarrassed about it, The Star noted.

These revelations were made in an interview with Malaysian entertainment show Melodi on Sunday (12 May).

Recently, Bella, who is a Malaysian singer-actress, came forward to allege that her husband had cheated on her 11 times — including with her younger sister.

Bella Astillah says Aliff Aziz cheated on her 11 times, including with her sister

Aliff Aziz confesses that he did not cherish what he had

During the interview, Aliff confessed that he was ashamed about how he couldn’t resist cheating on Bella.

He added that he did not cherish what he had at the time.

Source: @tv3malaysia on Youtube

The 33-year-old also spoke about the suspected khalwat or close proximity incident with Malaysian actress Ruhainies. On 9 March, the pair were caught together in Ruhainies’s condominium unit in Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier in February, CCTV footage also captured them at the building’s lift lobby.

Source: MalaysiaGazette TV on YouTube

Referring to the scandal, the actor said that he did not shy away from the incident but remained silent as he did not want his words twisted by the public. He further admitted that it was a mistake.

The case is still being investigated, reported The Star.

Claims he refused to divorce wife as she’s the mother of his children

Upon finding out about the saga, Bella filed for divorce from her husband.

Source: @bellaastillah on Instagram

This marked the second time she has done so throughout their marriage.

During the hearing on 4 April, however, Aliff told the court that he refuses to divorce her.

Source: The Star

“I still love Bella,” he admitted while expressing that he needs more time to make the decision.

In the interview with Melodi, the singer-actor explained that he initially rejected the divorce as Bella “is the mother of [his] children”.

The couple have two children together, aged 3 and 6 respectively.

“There needs to be more discussion. What happens after is something I have to bear,” he shared.

Moreover, he revealed that they had been facing issues in their marriage even before he began shooting with Ruhainies.

Particularly, he highlighted that Bella would ask for divorce “even for small things”.

Their upcoming divorce hearing is set to take place on 4 June. Claiming that he would cooperate fully, Aliff also stated his readiness to let Bella take custody of their children.

Even so, he still wishes to be able to visit and spend nights with his kids.

“I don’t want the bond between us to be severed or obstructed,” he stressed.

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‘I still love Bella’: Aliff Aziz refuses to divorce wife despite multiple cheating allegations

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