Anytime Fitness Staff Posts Racial Slur On Instagram, Gym Apologises To Public

Anytime Fitness Apologises To Public After Part-Time Staff Posts Racial Slur On Instagram

A gym is meant to be a judgment-free zone where everyone can work towards improving themselves, regardless of who they are.

Therefore, many people were taken aback when they saw a racial slur on Anytime Fitness’ Instagram story.

The gym has since apologised to the public as well as everyone who reached out to them.

Anytime Fitness posts racial slur on Instagram

On Tuesday (24 May), Anytime Fitness Tanjong Pagar posted an Instagram story with the caption “I’m back n*gga…!”

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The slur can be traced back to times of black slavery and was often used to refer to them in a derogatory manner.

Therefore, it is considered rude and inappropriate for anyone outside of this race to use it.

A few hours after the incriminating post went up, the gym issued a public apology on the same platform.

anytime fitness slur

Image courtesy of MS News reader

In a statement to MS News, they said that the offensive Instagram story was posted by a part-time staff member. Following the incident, they addressed the problem to all staff involved and personally apologised to those who reached out to them.

A slur is more than just a word

Even though some may think that slurs are just harmless words, their historical significance and targeting of specific groups may cause harm to those parties.

Therefore, it can be upsetting for them to see such nonchalant usage of the term.

Hopefully, this incident has educated others, not just the gym, about the impact of slurs and prevented more people from making the same mistake.

More importantly, let’s all take a leaf from the gym’s book and learn to be more sensitive towards others.

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