Bag Containing Over $1,000 Remittance Money Stolen At Woodlands Kopitiam, Owner Files Police Report

Bag With Remittance Money Stolen At Vista Point Kopitiam

For foreigners living in Singapore, payday is also a time when they send remittance money back to their family back home.

Unfortunately, for this Malaysian in Singapore, her bag, containing approximately $1,000 worth of cash and belongings, was stolen at Vista Point Kopitiam in Woodlands.


The unfortunate incident was caught on CCTV and the owner has since filed a police report.

The owner’s boyfriend also took to Facebook in hopes of identifying the thief with the help of the public.

Man steals black bag from Woodlands Kopitiam

A 19-second video clip uploaded on Facebook on Thursday (27 Jan) showed a masked man with a walking apparatus was loitering around a food stall at Vista Point Kopitiam in Woodlands.

After scoping the surroundings, he swiftly snatched a black bag that was sitting on the counter.

He then secured the bag under this left armpit before glancing around and leaving.


As he walked away from the scene of the crime, another man walked behind him, oblivious to the crime that had just occurred seconds earlier.

Bag contains personal property & cash amounting to $1,000

According to the Facebook post, the bag contains personal property and cash amounting to $1,000.

The OP’s girlfriend had meant to send the money as remittance to her family in Malaysia.

He also clarified that his girlfriend had left her bag there for just a moment as she needed to change her clothes.

At the point of writing, they have filed a police report regarding the incident.

If anyone has information or is able to identify the man in the video, please do contact the OP through Facebook here.

Hope owner gets her possessions back

Sometimes it takes just a short lapse of concentration to fall victim to a crime.

We hope the OP’s girlfriend will get her bag back soon, with all the items inside, so she can send money to her family.

If anyone has information regarding this case, do not hesitate to reach out to the couple.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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