Customer Gives Bakery Specific Instructions To Surprise GF On Her Birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion that’s worth celebrating. On our loved one’s special day, we often do our best to make it a memorable event for them too.

One young man in Singapore decided to surprise his girlfriend by getting her a cake from The White Ombré bakery.


In his online order, he requested the bakery to deliver and light the candles on the cake around midnight and sing the birthday song with him.

While the bakery owner initially thought this was a lot to ask, he decided to personally make the delivery to help the young man surprise his girlfriend.

Asks bakery to deliver cake at midnight

Every little detail matters when you’re trying to surprise someone, especially when it’s your significant other whom you’re trying to impress.

So when the customer keyed in his order for an Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake from The White Ombré, he gave specific instructions.

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Besides an adorable message of “I love you” on the cake, the young man requested that the delivery man arrived by 11.50pm.

Besides that, he asked that the delivery person put the cake atop the box, light the candles at “exactly 11.59pm”, and ring the doorbell.

The young man also wanted the delivery man to sing Happy Birthday along with him as the cherry on top of the cake.

He then thanked the bakery for helping him “make the occasion a special one.”

Bakery owner personally delivers cake

When the bakery owner first saw the order, he was slightly taken aback.

However, after he clarified with the young man, he learnt to admire the young man’s endearing efforts of making his girlfriend feel special.

Speaking to MS News, the owner shared that The White Ombré typically outsources all their deliveries, making it challenging to fulfil the order as asked.

But because the man was very nice about his requests, he decided that he would personally make this delivery.

Bakery owner surprises customer’s girlfriend

On the day itself, the owner arrived punctually at 11.45pm. But he realised that he forgot to bring a lighter along with him.

Dedicated to fulfilling his customer’s request, he rushed down to a nearby 7-Eleven to buy one.

He made it back in the nick of time to light the candles and surprise the young man’s girlfriend by midnight.

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He told MS News that the girlfriend was very surprised and felt a little embarrassed by the attention as she hid behind the young man the whole time.

The grateful young man even tipped the owner a generous $20 for his efforts since the surprise was a success.

Kudos to the bakery owner for going the extra mile

Kudos to the bakery owner for going the extra mile to fulfil his customer’s requests.

After all, what’s a birthday surprise without a cake?

We certainly hope the young couple appreciated his efforts and had a joyous celebration the next day.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Unsplash.