Bedok Reservoir Residents Decorate Estate With Christmas Tree, Snowman & Reindeers

As 2020 draws to an end, many of us may have noticed that the usual year-end festivities haven’t been quite the same due to Covid-19.


In a bid to bring the festive cheer closer to home, some residents in Bedok Reservoir took it upon themselves to decorate their neighbourhood with brightly lit decorations.

On Wednesday (9 Dec), The People’s Association shared stunning pictures of the display on their Facebook page.


They revealed that many of these ornaments were made of used household items that have now been given a new lease of life.

Bedok Reservoir estate has upcycled Christmas Tree & snowman

Looking at the pictures alone, one might easily mistake the display for an event happening at Gardens by The Bay or along the bustling Orchard shopping precinct.


But take a look closer and you’ll find that the buildings in the background are in fact, HDB blocks that many of us are staying in.

The towering Christmas tree and the snowman are particularly impressive, as they too were primarily made out of upcycled items.


The eyes on the snowman, for example, were made using recycled broken frisbees and leftover paint, while its hands were made from torn mittens.

Instead of splurging on new ornaments, recycled ones donated by residents were used to decorate the Christmas tree. Even the tree’s main structure is made of a disposed iron gate that has been welded to support the structure.


There are also a few brightly lit reindeers ‘prancing’ about the Christmas trees, adding to the festive atmosphere.


Residents started collecting upcycled items since October

The meaningful Christmas display was made possible thanks to creative Bedok Reservoir residents staying nearby, some of whom are retired artisans like carpenters and welders.

Since October, residents have reportedly begun collecting everyday items to be used as Christmas decorations. Some of these include:

  • Clothes hanger
  • Cracked buckets
  • Buttons
  • Ribbons

Speaking to The People’s Association, one resident shared how he empathised with families who wish to avoid crowded places this year in light of the pandemic.

Though not comparable to displays seen in malls, he’s happy to bring the festive atmosphere closer to the homes of his fellow Bedok residents. He shared,

I love doing this as it spreads festive cheer.

Visit the Christmas display if you live nearby

If you live around the area and would like to visit the heartland Christmas display, here are the deets on how to get there.

Bedok Reservoir Christmas Display
Block 702 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 470702 (near Senior Citizen’s Corner)

Heartening to see Bedok Reservoir residents coming together

It’s heartening to see Bedok Reservoir residents coming together to bring the festive cheer closer to the heartlands.

The effort is made even more meaningful with the use of upcycled materials, so the display doesn’t come at the expense of our environment.

Though it might be too late to start something similar this year, we hope others around Singapore would be inspired by what the group of Bedok Reservoir residents have put together.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of such wholesome displays in our heartlands.

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Featured image adapted from The People Association’s Facebook