Bicycle Near Tekka Market Covered By Grass, Puts Your Outfield Camouflage To Shame

Bicycle Covered With Grass Shows Nature Has ‘Taken Over’ In Covid-19 Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of us to stay indoors more. Over this period, Mother Nature seems to have ‘taken over’ — otters roamed our streets, hornbills flew freely in housing estates, and even wild boars are chilling at HDB void decks.

However, things seem to be extra ‘wild’ over at Tekka Market, as you’re about to see.


In a Facebook post on Sunday (26 Jul), a netizen shared pictures of what appears to be a bicycle covered completely covered with overgrown grass. that will put your outfield camouflage to shame.


Manage to spot the bike yet? Don’t worry, it took us a while too.

Bicycle allegedly near Tekka Market camouflaged with grass

If the bicycle owner was trying to hide his bicycle in plain sight, it clearly worked.

We can’t say we see the appeal but we wheely couldn’t spot it till we took a closer look.


It was a near-perfect camouflage attempt by the bicycle — one that even the strictest Army enciks would approve.

The netizen who spotted it attempted to reach out via Facebook to anyone who lost their bike near the vicinity.

Going by its surroundings, the ‘well-hidden’ bicycle appears to be at this spot outside Tekka Market, along the busy Bukit Timah Road.


The Google Maps image was captured in 2018 so the grass could have easily grown taller over the 2 years that have past.

Overgrown grass spotted around Singapore

The camouflaged bicycle is not the only thing that has ‘succumbed’ to the thriving greenery.

Many Singaporeans also noticed taller grass across the island, a likely effect of landscaping projected halted during ‘Circuit Breaker’.


One Redditor even posted this photo at Sengkang, joking that “Fernvale is looking a bit too literal”.


Some Singaporeans even welcomed the new rustic look to our urban landscape, capturing gorgeous photos of the thriving flowers less often seen pre-Covid.


The newfound appreciation even led to some imploring National Parks (NParks) to rethink the regular grass cutting in Singapore neighbourhoods so we can better appreciate the local flora and fauna.

Overgrown grass poses public health risk

However, overgrown grass has become a cause for concern on our once impeccably manicured garden city.

Although seemingly harmless, overgrown grass can pose public health risks too.

According to The Straits Times (ST), one running risk is the breeding of mosquitoes in overgrown grass. This is especially worrying as Singapore is facing a massive dengue outbreak.

We have seen how important the issue is as ministers and volunteers have come together to help remedy this situation.

Migrant Workers Volunteer To Trim Overgrown Grass Near HDB Blocks, In Show Of True Community Spirit

Grass cutting services gradually stepping up

While Singaporeans might have gained a deeper appreciation for nature during this period, the dangers posed by the overgrown greenery would mean they will likely have to go.

More than a month ago, on Friday (5 Jun), MP Sun Xueling remarked that NParks was gradually stepping up grass trimming services.

Hopefully, Singapore will be able to find a middle ground, where Singaporeans will be able to appreciate wildflowers that grow in our cityscape without having to see bicycles camouflaged on sidewalks.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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