Hornbill Seen At Ubi Ave A Day Before Circuit-Breaker Measures Kick In, May Be Sign Of Nature’s Return

Hornbill Spotted By MS News Reader On Ubi Avenue, It Was Feeding On A Mango Tree

Ever wondered about what would happen to Singapore if humans just vanished from the surface of the earth? Or watched a movie on the disappearance of people? Well perhaps we are now getting some insight into what that would look like.

Flying solo (pun intended), a hornbill was spotted along Ubi Avenue on Monday (6 Apr), a day before the latest circuit-breaker measures kick in.

Hornbill living its best life feasting

In video footage sent by MS News reader Stanley Tan, we see our feathered friend perched atop a lush mango tree.

Image courtesy of Stanley Tan 

Merrily making its way from branch to branch, the hornbill appeared to be feasting. At some moments, you could even see food remnants dropping from the tree.

Not the only hornbill spotted in recent weeks

It’s nice to see this gorgeous bird out and about. However, perhaps it was just trying to cash in on some of the earlier hornbill action from last month.

On 15 Mar, two hornbills were sighted resting at Oasis @ Elias condominium in Pasir Ris.

Hornbills Perch At Pasir Ris Condo Balcony & Feast On Lizard, Literally Living The Atas Life

Other wildlife adventures in Singapore

Besides hornbills, other species of wildlife have also proven that the exhortation to stay at home applies only to humans.

A family of otters were seen living it up in a Newton condominium’s pool on 8 Mar.

Otters Crash Newton Condo Pool & Eat Koi As Residents Look On, Truly Living The High SES Life

And on Sunday (5 Apr), lucky folk who weren’t cooped up indoors managed to catch a glimpse of a magnificent white horse on Eng Neo Avenue.


Galloping alongside their cars, the escaped horse bounded past awed onlookers, racing past stop signs with nary a care in the world.

An opportunity for wildlife

While hornbills and otters aren’t that rare, it’s interesting to note that there have been increased unexpected sightings of wildlife over the past few months.

And while escaped white horses aren’t exactly a sign of nature returning, the absence of the usual congested crowds in Singapore seems to be drawing out many of mother nature’s oddities.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to the gloomy Covid-19 situation after all.

Featured image adapted from Stanley Tan & Google Maps.

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