Bird Paradise At Mandai Has Prayer Rooms, Visitors Can Spend Time There Without Missing Worship

Bird Paradise At Mandai Has Prayer Rooms For Male & Female Visitors

When spending time outside, some Muslims face the conundrum of finding prayer rooms to perform their five daily prayers. Thankfully, more public places are providing spaces for that, including the recently opened Bird Paradise in Mandai.

Facebook user Wan Nadia shared the discovery recently, after she attended the soft opening for the venue on 8 May.

Her post has garnered over 1,000 shares at the time of writing, proving just how useful the information is for those who need it.

Prayer rooms near Bird Paradise entrance

In a Facebook post on 13 May, Ms Wan Nadia wrote that she visited Bird Paradise with her husband for its soft launch on 8 May.

There, she found out that musollahs or prayer rooms for Muslims were readily available at the venue. She recorded a guide of sorts to show visitors how they can find them.

From the main entrance, Ms Wan Nadia said that one should walk straight ahead.

Source: Wan Nadia on Facebook

Once they see the nearest sign for the toilet, they should also look out for a symbol showing two hands in prayer. Upon spotting that, they should turn left.

Source: Wan Nadia on Facebook

After turning and walking past the toilets, visitors have to walk straight all the way in before turning left to find the prayer rooms.

Source: Wan Nadia on Facebook

Rooms fully equipped with chairs & ablution areas

Before praying, Muslims have to perform ablution, which may not be very convenient to do in the washrooms.

Thankfully, there are ablution areas in each prayer room, so worshippers can clean themselves in comfort in preparation for prayer.

Source: Wan Nadia on Facebook

While seemingly not too spacious, the prayer space appears to have enough room for roughly two people, so visitors can probably take turns to use it.

Other amenities include a qiblah sticker which shows the direction to face while praying, a mirror, a cabinet, and a chair for those who may struggle to stand or bend down.

With these conveniences available, Ms Wan Nadia and her husband were able to spend the entire day at Bird Paradise without worries, so they assure others can too.

Those who have yet to visit the attraction can plan their trip their soon:

Bird Paradise
Address: 20 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729825
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily
Nearest MRT: Kranji and Yew Tee Stations

For specific instructions on how to get there, you may check out Bird Paradise’s website here.

Kudos to Bird Paradise for accommodating to visitors’ needs, and to Ms Wan Nadia for her sharing. Hopefully, these could help visitors have peace of mind as they enjoy their visits to the beautiful new attraction.

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Featured image adapted from Wan Nadia on Facebook.

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