M’sian Receives 9-Tier Birthday Cake Comprising S$16.5K Cash, Took 1 Week To Disassemble

M'sian Receives 9-Tier Birthday Cake Comprising S$16.5K Cash, Allegedly Took 1 Week To Disassemble

Malaysian Woman Gets Birthday Cake Comprising RM52,000 Cash From Sister

Every now and then, an unusual birthday gift pops up and goes viral on social media, but this one really takes the cake. Pun intended.

Recently, Malaysian Instagram user @viviantong9960, aka Vivian Tong, posted a photo of herself hugging a giant cake with nine tiers.

While a normal cake of that size would be impressive enough, this one has a jaw-dropping twist.

birthday cake cash

Source: @viviantong9960 on Instagram

A closer look shows that each tier is constructed entirely out of rolled-up S$16 (RM50) and S$32 (RM100) banknotes.

It was a birthday gift from her younger sister Coco, who revealed on her own Instagram that all that cash adds up to a whopping S$16,500 (RM52,000). Talk about sibling goals.

Woman gives sister birthday cake made entirely out of cash

On 20 Jun, Vivian shared several photos and a video from her 26th birthday celebrations on Instagram.

The highlight of all her posts was definitely the massive cake, which was from her sister Coco and was built completely out of rolled-up cash totalling S$16,500 (RM52,000).

While the unconventional confection itself may not be sweet like the real deal, the gesture behind it certainly is.

According to Coco, she chose the amount of RM52,000 to represent the number “520”. In Mandarin, “520” is a popular way to say “I love you”, as they sound somewhat similar in the language.

“You are the only sister I have in this world who’s related to me by blood, so of course I must give you the best,” Coco wrote in her caption, tagging Vivian. “Even though we fight sometimes.”

Took one week to take cake apart

Vivian later told Malaysian news website SAYS that it took her and her family almost an entire week to dismantle the cash cake.

Since the notes were held together with tape, we assume they must have needed to be very, very careful not to accidentally tear anything.

birthday cake cash

Source: @viviantong9960 on Instagram

After that, she took the S$16,500 to the bank. Ka-ching.

birthday cake cash

Source: @viviantong9960 on Instagram

Vivian’s bio states that she is the founder and CEO of Kireina International, a health and beauty company based in Kuala Lumpur.

On the other hand, Coco lists herself as the organisation’s CSO, although it’s unclear if it stands for Chief Security Officer or Chief Sales Officer.

Send this to your family as a hint

Not too long ago, we saw a woman fashion a dress out of lottery tickets, but this cash cake is arguably a lot more practical.

While not all siblings are lucky enough to get along, it’s nice to see someone who loves her sister enough to shower her with such an extravagant present.

You might want to send this article to your fam as a not-so-subtle hint about what you want for your next birthday.

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Featured images adapted from @viviantong9960 on Instagram and Instagram.

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