BMTC Shares Photos Of Buff Recruits Exercising, Curiosities Arise About What They’re Being Fed

BMTC Shares Photos Of Buff Recruits Doing Pull-Ups & Weight Exercises

In some sense, SAF’s Basic Military Training (BMT) at Pulau Tekong is almost like a physical transformation journey as recruits who go through the arduous training programme tend to gain muscle mass and look a lot fitter than before.

While this may be common knowledge, some folks still expressed shock upon seeing recent photos of recruits working out as part of their BMT. Two recruits, in particular, garnered the most reactions, perhaps because they looked like they’d been through the Avengers’ boot camp.

Source: Facebook

Attempting to break down the secret formula behind their ripped physique, some netizens even wondered if the recruits consumed any special meals at BMTC.

Buff recruits make pull-ups look like stroll in the park

On Friday (22 Jul), a netizen posted a compilation of pictures on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, showing SAF recruits working out in numerous poses.

The pictures that garnered the most attention were of two bulky recruits attempting pull-ups.

The pull-up bar might be daunting for some of us but this recruit seemed to approach it with a smile, while flexing his chesticles and abs.

Source: Facebook

Chiselled physique aside, his calm facial expression makes the chin-up exercise look like a walk in the park.

Another recruit had a similarly joyful demeanour while doing pull-ups, which is a far cry from the pained expression some of us may have while attempting the exercise.

Source: Facebook

One Facebook user eventually joked that perhaps the recruit was holding the bar up instead of pulling himself up.

Other recruits carry out weight exercises & flex biceps

While pull-ups are the best way to show off their physiques in all their glory, that was not all the recruits did.

A group of them also carried out weight exercises, lifting rather heavy-looking dumbbells in both hands.

Though the equipment looks quite heavy, we won’t blame you if your eyes are glued to the recruits’ guns instead.

Source: Facebook

Of course, getting in shape isn’t just about building arm strength — some recruits were seen doing body-weight exercises, which could be what gave them their six packs, like this young man below:

Source: Facebook

Now, the rest of us are starting to wonder if we can sign up just to achieve our fitness goals.

Netizens wonder what’s in the recruits’ food

The Facebook post featuring the buff recruits has garnered nearly 400 shares at the time of writing, with many users sharing their thoughts in the comments.

The comment that took the cake was by the OP, who wondered what SAF has been feeding their soldiers of late.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, this netizen speculated that the featured recruits must’ve been pretty buff to start with.

Source: Facebook

Some also pointed out that such recruits might not be representative of the entire cohort.

Source: Facebook

The pictures shared were in fact taken from the Basic Military Training Centre’s (BMTC) Facebook page, which often offers the public glimpses into NS recruits’ training.

If you’d like to see more of such images, check out their page here.

Hope recruits leave BMT with meaningful friendships along with chiselled phsyiques

BMT helps to prepare recruits for their two-year stint as soldiers, during which they’ll be tasked with protecting Singapore.

For combat-fit individuals, their tasks might require some level of physical fitness, for which we’re sure the training in BMT will come in handy.

Physique aside, we hope the recruits enjoy their time in BMT and form meaningful and lasting relationships with their fellow soldiers.

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