Vietnamese Woman Loses 30kg In 4 Months After Boyfriend Has Affair With Her BFF

Vietnamese Woman Loses 30kg In 4 Months After Boyfriend & BFF Betray Her

In K-dramas, we’ve watched overweight female leads go through a dramatic makeover after facing unfortunate circumstances. For one woman, this clichéd situation has become a reality.

Hong Kong publication ETToday shared the story of a female college student in Vietnam who lost 30kg within 4 months. Her initial motivation was getting over her boyfriend who had an affair with her best friend.

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Rather than wallowing in despair, the situation propelled her to lose weight.

Vietnamese woman struggled with her weight

According to ETToday, Nguyễn Thị Thảo Nhi is a 21-year-old female college student from Ho Chi Minh City.

As a child, she was ridiculed and teased for her weight. Despite her passion for fashion design, she often wore loose-fitting clothes that could accommodate her figure.

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These unfortunate circumstances led to her low self-esteem.

During her high school years, she met a boy who was the first to tell her that she was beautiful. The pair ended up in a relationship for 3 years until Ms Nguyen made a shocking discovery.

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Apparently, her boyfriend had been having an affair with her best friend⁠, and the pair eventually got married.

Vietnamese woman loses 30kg

Much like any strong-willed female protagonist, Ms Nguyen used the situation as motivation for her weight loss journey.

She gave up milk tea and calorie-induced snacks to control her diet. She also did high-intensity exercises frequently to reach her goal.


Just 4 months later, Ms Nguyen’s weight decreased from 80kg to 50kg — which meant that she lost a staggering 30kg in a relatively short period of time.


Thanks to her new figure, she’s now more confident in wearing all the outfits she had always wanted to try on.

In an interview, she even thanked her ex-boyfriend for being her inspiration,

I am very grateful to my ex-boyfriend now. After losing weight, I have become more confident and feel very happy.

Kudos for her successful weight loss journey

Sometimes the best revenge is living a good life.

Ms Nguyen’s heartbreak was definitely upsetting, but we’re glad she was able to bounce back by losing weight and living her dreams.

What do you think of this inspirational weight loss journey? Let us know in the comments.

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