Filipino Bride Carries 4kg Onion Bouquet Down Aisle, Gives Veggies To Guests After Wedding

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Filipino Bride Replaces Flowers With Red Onions For Wedding Bouquet

Everybody has their own unique vision of a perfect wedding. This couple, however, decided to add an unconventional layer to theirs.

Instead of using flowers, 28-year-old Filipino bride April Lyka Biorrey-Nobis opted to carry a unique bouquet of red onions that weighed 4kg for her wedding on 21 Jan.

Source: RR Production on Facebook

She chose to use onions as they are considered a luxury, with their market value skyrocketing in the Philippines. Furthermore, they are more practical than flowers.

After the wedding, the bride gave the onions to her guests as souvenirs.

Prices of red onions have been increasing in the Philippines

According to Coconuts Manila, onion prices in the Philippines are currently 457% above the global average.

Time also reported that onions now cost as much as S$14.50 (600 pesos) per kilogram.

That is more expensive than meat and even higher than the country’s minimum daily wage.

bride onion bouquet

Source: RR Production on Facebook

As such, the vegetable is considered somewhat of a luxury in the Philippines, making them worthy of replacing the bride’s wedding bouquet.

Bride chose onion theme for practical reasons

However, it wasn’t Mrs Biorrey-Nobis’ intention to show off.

Instead, she told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that she chose to carry an onion bouquet for practical reasons.

bride onion bouquet

Source: RR Production on Facebook

PNA reports that Mrs Biorrey-Nobis came up with the idea when she chanced upon a wedding bouquet made from onions and flowers on social media.

She felt that flowers would merely be used for display before eventually being discarded.

Onions, on the other hand, can still be used after the wedding. As such, she went ahead with the idea, and her husband was supportive of it as well.

In addition, she had her bridesmaids carry red onion wreaths as well.

Source: RR Production on Facebook

Aside from being practical, the onion bouquet ended up saving the couple some money.

They had initially put aside about S$360 (15,000 pesos) for a traditional flower bouquet. However, the onion bouquet cost just S$190 (8,000 pesos).

bride onion bouquet

Source: RR Production on Facebook

Thus, the newlyweds managed to spend less while throwing a wedding that was one of a kind.

Onions were given to guests as souvenirs

In her interview with PNA, Mrs Biorrey-Nobis mentioned that she and her husband gave the onions to their godparents and bridesmaids as souvenirs.

She also gave the bouquet to their relatives to use.

However, they omitted the bouquet toss to avoid any potential injuries.

This was truly a unique and practical spin on a wedding. We wish the couple a happy marriage and hope that their love for each other will go onion on.

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Featured image adapted from RR Production on Facebook.

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