Taiwan Has Bugcat Capoo-Themed 7-Eleven Outlet, Our Favourite Telegram Sticker Comes To Life

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Taiwan 7-Eleven Outlet Has Bugcat Capoo-Themed Decor & Exclusive Merch

If you’re big on collecting Telegram stickers, you’ve probably seen or even amassed a few Bugcat Capoo sticker sets by now.

You might also have seen comic strips featuring the chubby, six-legged blue cat, where he gets into all sorts of mischief with his friends.

A creation of Taiwanese artist Yara, Capoo and friends have now taken over a 7-Eleven store in Taipei.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

From themed decor inside and outside the shop to exclusive merchandise, this is the place to be if you’re a Capoo fan visiting Taiwan soon.

Taiwan 7-Eleven outlet has Bugcat Capoo neon signs & seating

The store is located in Taipei’s Xinyi district. And it’ll be hard to miss thanks to the full Bugcat Capoo makeover it’s gotten.

Capoo himself greets you before you even enter the store with an eye-catching neon sign of him waving at the door.

There is also a decal to the right of the door featuring the rascally cat happily tucking into a cup of instant noodles, accompanied by his friend Dogdog.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

From the outside, you’ll also be able to see a row of neon light fixtures on the ceiling in the shape of Capoo, Dogdog, and another character Mika.

Once you step in, there’s even more to discover, like 3D lights of the characters on the ceiling and decals from top to bottom.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

Photos are a must here, and you can’t leave without taking one next to a statue of Capoo, Dogdog, and Foamcat.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

If you’re there to grab a meal, you’ll notice that even the tables and chairs have been taken over by Capoo and friends.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

With every corner of the store so intricately decorated, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a Bugcat Capoo mini theme park.

Collect limited edition Bugcat Capoo coffee cups

The Bugcat Capoo experience doesn’t have to end when you leave as there are many ways to bring him and his pals home with you.

For starters, you can order a hot drink from 7-Eleven’s in-house café, City Café, and get it to go in a limited edition cup.

There are three designs in total, so you can either pick one or collect them all.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

The design for the smallest cup features Capoo, Dogdog, and Foamcat floating around on a white background.

As for the medium and big cups, you’ll get Capoo stacked on top of Dogdog and a stretched out Capoo with eight legs respectively.

On top of that, even the coffee sleeve has Capoo and Dogdog on it to put a smile on your face every time you take a sip.

Get exclusive Bugcat Capoo merch like stationery, homeware & plushies

Cute coffee cups aside, the Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven takeover is also a good chance to stock up on merchandise.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

All themed items sold in the store are exclusive to this 7-Eleven branch, and there are plenty to collect.

First off, there’s this fleece Capoo pencil case with three mini chick plushies inside that you can remove to play with.

You can also store your tissues in this huggable Capoo-shaped box cover.

Whether it’s for working from home (WFH) or streaming shows on your bed, you can rely on this lap desk with a comfy cushion.

In addition, customers can get their hands on a wide variety of plush toys and homeware like pillows and mini drawers.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

Furthermore, there will be lucky bags of various tiers released from 14 Dec onwards containing tote bags, storage boxes, and cooking pots.

Source: 7-Eleven on Facebook

If you happen to be in the area, here’s how you can get to the 7-Eleven outlet:

7-Eleven (Keelung Road Store)
No. 141, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Opening hours:
Open 24/7

A unique experience that all Bugcat Capoo fans will love

Many have no doubt planned trips to Taiwan ever since the country opened up in September.

If you’re heading there soon, this 7-Eleven store will definitely be an interesting spot to add to your itinerary.

Seeing as Bugcat Capoo also has a big fanbase here, we hope we’ll get to see him on our shores sometime soon.

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Featured image adapted from 7-Eleven on Facebook.

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