O-Level Student Can’t Find Study Rooms In Bukit Batok, Gets Chee Soon Juan’s Help To Ask CCs

As the Big 3 exams loom – PSLE, O-Levels and A-Levels – pressure starts mounting on the students to excel.

Having a conducive environment to study in is key in pre-exam preparation. For one 16-year-old student who is taking the ‘O’ Levels soon, this was the exact problem that she faced.

Not knowing who else to turn to, she reached out to Chee Soon Juan for help, and he readily delivered.

Lack of study areas at libraries & rooms in Bukit Batok

On 8 Sep, Mr Chee, a candidate from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) who contested in Bukit Batok SMC, received an e-mail from a student residing at Bukit Batok Central.


She shared that she was sitting for her O-Levels “in the coming months” and had trouble finding conducive places to study at. That is, ever since sitting and study areas have all been closed at public libraries, according to TODAY.

The student added that there were no study rooms available at Bukit Batok CC too, when she visited. She then asked Mr Chee if he could “voice up regarding this matter” in hopes that more study areas will be available around Bukit Batok.

3 CCs open up study rooms till 9.30pm daily

Upon learning of her predicament, Mr Chee contacted Bukit Batok CC to request for the study rooms to be opened.

Thankfully, they obliged, and Mr Chee shared in a Facebook post on Saturday (26 Sep) that the study rooms at Bukit Batok CC is now open to all from 10am – 9.30pm daily, except for public holidays.


Not only that, 2 other CCs – Yuhua and Bukit Batok East – have also opened up their study rooms in the event that the one at Bukit Batok CC is full.

Work hard & smart, but exams don’t define you as a person

Mr Chee encouraged students to “work hard and work smart”, but added a piece of advice that exams are not “the be-all and end-all of (one’s) life and they certainly don’t define (someone) as a person”.

He stressed that success is not determined by the expectations that society places on the youth, but what one determines for themselves.

Just another test to prepare yourself for the future

Exams are certainly important. The results determine which schools we go to and which subjects we can take.

However, as Mr Chee said, an exam is simply an exam. It is just another step, another test to better develop and prepare you for the future.

We wish all students sitting for exams soon all the best.

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